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Whoscored is a football statistics website that offers users real-time data on live football stats, sports news, match fixtures, match statistics, goal statistics, inplay football stats, league statistics, shots on target live, team statistics, player statistics and much more.


  • League statistics
  • Sports news
  • Statistics trends
  • Detailed information about players
  • Detailed information about teams
  • Coach information
  • Referee information
  • Interviews
  • Insider information
  • Rumors
  • Tournaments record
  • Player's transfer history
  • Forum
  • Live-score
  • TV
  • YouTube chanel
  • Languages EN / ES / TR / IT / FR / RU / AR

Whoscored Sport Statistics

Sports statistics on whoscored are presented under seven main menus namely:
whoscored football statistics

  • Live scores
  • Statistics
  • Comparison
  • Previews
  • News
  • Top scores

On the whoscored homepage, users can view the following sections:
A summary of live scores organized according to host countries – Users can see which teams will be playing, the time when the match is scheduled, and links to detailed match coverage and previews. On the top right of the table, the site has buttons that users can click to view matches played the previous day and those scheduled for the following day
News – Links to news articles captured in photos and article titles. Users can navigate through the top 10 news topics from the page
Top player statistics – capturing the name of the player, team they play for and their contribution. Users can view these statistics for home and away
Top team statistics – for both home and away
Statistical best 11 with options to view different tournaments either weekly, monthly or seasonal

League Statistics at Whoscored

Whoscored provides detailed premier league live stats for users. The view these statistics, users should go to the ‘Detailed Tournaments’ just below the main menu and click on the league whose statistics they wish to view or go to ‘All Leagues and Cups’, click on the host country and select their preferred league.

Upon opening the league-specific page on whoscored, users will be able to view statistics as follows:

Scheduled league fixtures including date and time of the match, teams that will be playing. Users can click on the preview to learn about the upcoming match including stat comparisons of probable lineups, missing players and why they won’t be playing, match facts, team news and much more. Users also get to see the results of the last match and have an option to view a match report.

League tables with options to view the stats for home and away about:
whoscored football statistics

  • Standings: Here users view a list of teams playing in the league and their ranking, number of matches played, results – matches won, lost and drawn – goals for and against, goal difference, team points, and form.
  • Form – where users can hover the cursor to view actual match results
  • Streaks – showing stats on team wins, win or draw, draw, draw or loss, loss, clean sheets and failed to score
  • Progress of teams in the competition
  • Top teams in the league – analysis done based on possession, aggression, pass accuracy, and shots per game. Users can also see team ratings and aerial duels won
  • Top players in the league including their names and teams they play for. Stats featured here are based on goals scored by a featured player compared to those scored by the team, aggression, shots per game and assists. Users also get to view player ratings
  • Best II players in the league
  • Detailed information about teams

On whoscored, users can access detailed information about football teams. There are available on the team statistics submenu on the competition-specific pages. Some of the team statistics that users can expect to find on this website include а summary of team statistics ranking teams according to:

  • Number of goals scored
  • Number of shots per game
  • Team discipline based on the number of yellow and red cards issued
  • Possession expressed as a percentage
  • Passes expressed as a percentage
  • Number of aerials won
  • Team rating

Users can click on the buttons located on top of the summary table to view defensive, offensive and detailed stats about the teams.
A situational statistics table ranking teams based on:

  • Open play
  • Counterattacks
  • Set piece
  • Penalty
  • Own Goals

Users can view team rankings based on goal types by clicking on the ‘pass types’ and ‘card situations’ buttons located on top of the table
A positional statistics table that ranks teams based on:

  • Left side attacks
  • Attacks from the middle of the pitch
  • Right side attacks

Users can click on the buttons at the top of the table to view stats on shot directions, shot zones and action zones.
Whoscored users can also view detailed information about individual teams by clicking on the name of the team they wish to view. On the team-specific page, users will see team details including:

  • Team fixtures – showing matches played, when they were played, name of the competition, results and a link to the match report
  • Team statistics according to competitions or tournaments it participated in. Statistics on this section are based on goals scored, shots per game, team discipline based on yellow or red cards, possessions, pass, aerials won and ratings. Users can use the buttons on top of the table to view statistics about team defensive and offensive
  • Team squad showing a list and details of players
  • Team characteristics including its strengths, weaknesses, and style of play
  • Top players in the team based on goals scored, aerials won, aggression, assists, appearances and ratings
  • Summary of team formation

Coach Information

Whoscored does not provide coach information. However, you can read our reviews of TransferMarkt and Soccerway to see what Coach information could be found there while detailed manager information could be found at Soccerbase.

Referee Information

Whoscored provides statistics about referees. Users of this site can access referee statistics from the sub-menu available of the team-specific page. On the referee statistics page, users will find details such as:
whoscored referee

  • A list of referees that have refereed the team
  • Fouls per game
  • Fouls per tackles
  • Penalties per game
  • Yellow cards and red cards issued per game

Using the buttons on top of the page, users can view referee statistics relating to results. Users can also filter statistics to view information based on games played at home and away and even navigate the statistics based on competitions.

To view individual referee profiles, users should click on the name of the referee to open a dedicated page. On the referee’s profile page, users will be able to see a passport photo of the referee and a list of latest matches refereed by the referee showing details like:

  • Name of tournament
  • The date the match was played
  • Times the referee issued a yellow or red card
  • Teams that played in the match
  • Results of the match
  • Times penalties were conceded during the match

Whoscored Statistics Trends

On whoscored, users will find interesting statistics on football trends ranging from team performance in different tournaments, player performance, and referee performances. The site presents these trends to users in the form of:
whoscored manchester city

  • Team standings table for each tournament each season
  • Top scorer list for each tournament, for every season
  • Top team lists in each tournament, every season
  • Best 11 statistics in each tournament, each season
  • Top players in each team
  • Historical participation and performance of each player
  • Historical participation and performance of referees
  • Team and player characteristics

Players Information at Whoscored

On whoscore, users can find detailed information about players on both team-specific and player profile pages. On the team-specific page, users can view the following information about players:

  • List of squad members that constitute the football team
  • Their height, weight, name, nationality, and age
  • Number of minutes played per tournament
  • Goals and assists
  • Number of red and/or yellow cards issued to the player
  • Shots per game
  • Percentage passes
  • Number of aerials won
  • Football rating of the player
  • Man of the match

Using the buttons located on the top part of the squad statistics, users can view additional player statistics on defensive, offensive and passing. They can also view player statistics for different tournaments – played both at home and away.

To view the profile of individual players, whoscored users need to click on the name of the player. On the player profile page, users can expect to find the following additional details about players:
whoscored who scored lionel messi

  • Player’s current team
  • Player’s shirt number
  • Positions the player plays
  • A headshot of the player
  • A pictorial demonstration of player’s position
  • A table showing players Apps, goals, assists and rating from each position
  • Player’s characteristics including strengths, weaknesses and style of play

Table of matches the player has participated in lately showing details such as:

  • Name of tournament
  • Date of the match and teams that played
  • Match results
  • Minutes played in each match
  • Number of assists and goals scored by player in each match
  • Rating of the player in each match

On the submenu, below the player’s name, users can view the playing history of the player presented in a table format. From the table, users can tell, among other things:

  • Seasons that the player has played, the team he played for and the tournament he played in
  • Performance of the player in each season including Apps, minutes played, goals scored, assists, yellow or red cards issued to the player, shots per game and aerials won
  • Whoscored does not provide information about player transfer history.

Whoscored Sport News

Whoscored dedicates a whole section to sports news. By going to the News button on the main menu, users are able to access sports news in the form of articles, infographics, and videos. However, users will not find interviews, gossip and insider information on the whoscored website.


Whoscored has a YouTube channel that has about 1,980 subscribers and 192,505 views


Whoscored.com is available in different languages. These are English, Espanol, Turkish, Italian, French, Russian, Arabic.

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