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Football fans who are interested in knowing the value of players and the teams they play for will find Transfermarkt extremely useful and exciting. This UK-based football website provides fans across the world with the latest news on market value, transfer of players, football competitions and much more.


  • League statistics
  • Sports news
  • Statistics trends
  • Detailed information about players
  • Detailed information about teams
  • Coach information
  • Referee information
  • Interviews
  • Insider information
  • Rumors
  • Tournaments record
  • Player's transfer history
  • Forum
  • Live-score
  • TV
  • YouTube chanel
  • Languages EN / DE / FR / NL / PT / TR / ES / IT / PL / RU

Sport Statistics

On its homepage, the transfer market displays numerous statistics about football including:

  • Top transfers
  • Continental confederations
  • Updates on market value, contract extensions, and most valuable players
  • Top football league updates
  • Gaming

Unlike other football websites, the transfer market focuses more on the market value of football, transfer of players. Even so, the website has a Match Center that users can access by clicking the ‘Live’ button on the main menu. On the Match Center, a list of matches scheduled for the day is displayed. Some of the information users will be able to view here include:
transfermarkt homepage

  • Competitions that have scheduled matches
  • Number of games that are scheduled for the day and those that are live at the time of visiting the site
  • Goal scores for matches that are live
  • The time that scheduled matches will be starting
  • Teams that are scheduled to play in each game

Transfermarkt League Statistics

On transfermarkt, football fans can find league statistics by going to the ‘Competitions’ on the main menu and clicking on the league they wish to view. The site opens a page that has a list of all teams that play in that league. Users can filter information on this page by season. The league statistics that users will find on this page include:

  • Names of clubs that play in the league
  • Squad size – number of players per team
  • Average number of players per team
  • Number of players in the team that play abroad
  • Total market value of the club
  • Table showing league standings, team rankings, number of matches, goal difference and points earned

Below the team listing, users will find statistics on top scorers in the league competitions. Presented in a table format, user can view details such as:
transfermarkt scorers

  • Playing ranking on the league’s top scorers table
  • Name of the players and the position they play
  • Nationality and age
  • The club they play for
  • The number of appearances the player has made in the league
  • Goals scored by the player

Users can filter top scorers information based on season, player position and age group.

Teams Information at Transfermarkt

Transfermarkt provides users with detailed information about teams. Users of this website can access this information by clicking the ‘Competition‘ button on the main menu and picking the competition that their preferred team participates in. A list of teams in the competition will be displayed. From this list, users will find information such as:

  • Number of teams in the competition
  • Number of players in each team
  • Average age of players in the team
  • Total market value of the team

To view information about individual teams, transfer market users should click on the name of the team. From the team-specific page, users will be able to view the following information about the team:
transfermarkt chelsea

  • Number of players in the team who also play for the national team
  • Number of players who play abroad
  • The total market value of the team
  • Squad size and average age of team members
  • Team achievement in terms of cups won
  • Team stadium and its capacity
  • Current transfer record

Users can also view detailed information about each player in the team including:

  • The name of the player, his age and the position he plays
  • Nationality and height
  • Whether he is right or left-footed
  • Date of signing up with the club
  • The team they transferred from
  • Contract duration and the player’s market value

Coach Information

Transfermarkt provides users with detailed coach information. From the ‘Competitions’ button on the main menu, users will find a section dedicated to coach statistics. On this section, users can access coach statistics including:
transfermarkt coaches

  • A list of the best club coaches in the world
  • A list of the best national coaches in the world
  • Coaching fathers
  • List of coaches that are available for hire

To view statistics on current coaches for specific teams on transfermarkt football, users can go to the team’s dedicated pages. On the right side of the page, there is a ‘Staff’ button with the name of the team manager. Users can click on the name of the manager to view his profile. On the profile page, users will be able to view information such as:

  • Achievements of the coach
  • Demographics – including date of birth, place of birth, nationality, age, and average term as coach
  • Date of appointment and duration of contract with the team
  • Coaching history including appointment dates, clubs he has coached, number of matches played during his tenure and points earned
  • Coach’s player history including his transfer history as a player

Referee Information

Referee information on transfer market 2019 is provided for individual competitions. To view this information, users need to go to the ‘Competitions’ on the main menu and pick the competition whose referee information they wish to view. On the specific competition page, users should click on the ‘Information and Facts’ button on the sub-menus that are just below the league profile, then go to the ‘Referees‘ section. A list of referees is displayed on transfermarkt football once the user clicks on the ‘all referees’ link. From this list, users will be able to view information such as:

  • Name of the referee and the city of residence
  • The age at which they debuted their refereeing career
  • Date they started refereeing
  • Number of appearances made by the referee in the competition
  • Yellow and red cards issued by the referee
  • Number of penalty kicks given by the referee

Users can view individual referee information by clicking on their names. From their profiles, users will be able to see competitions that the referee has appeared in and matches they refereed among others.

Transfermarkt Statistics trends

The statistics provided by transfermarkt UK enables users to understand numerous trends in the football world including:

  • Trends in player and coach transfers
  • Team performance across seasons
  • Performance of players, coaches, and referees across seasons

Soccerstats and Whoscored also provide you with statistics trends. Read our reviews to find out what trends could be found there.

Information about Players

Transfermarkt provides users with detailed information about players. Users can view player statistics by going to the ‘Competition’ button on the main menu, then to ‘All Competitions’ submenu. Here, they can click on their region of interest, then click on the team of interest to view a list of players. From this list, users will be able to see player information including:

  • Name and the position they play on the team
  • Date of birth, age, and nationality
  • Their market value

Below the list of players, users will be able to view information relating to:

  • Top arrivals – these are players who have transferred to the team
  • Top departures – these are players who have left the team
  • Top scorers in the team
  • Top assist providers

To learn more about individual players, you can click on the name of the player they are interested in to view their profile. On the player profile page, users will be able to see:

  • Player’s achievements in terms of competitions they’ve played in and won
  • The demographics of the player including citizenship, place of birth, age, height, agent, and position
  • The market value of the player and their contract duration with the team
  • Player’s transfer history including season of transfer, the team they transferred from and to, and transfer fee
  • Player’s performance data including the number of appearances, conceded goals, clean sheets, red and yellow cards. Users can navigate through the performance statistics to view a player’s performance in different competitions they have participated in
  • Minutes played and points per match

Transfers at Transfermarkt

Transfermarkt provides comprehensive information on the transfer history of players. The site has a whole section dedicated to transfers. On the main menu, the site has a button labeled ‘Transfers & Rumors’. Here, users can access a wide range of information about transfers and they can filter information based on countries, the value of players, contract extensions, latest transfers and much more.

Scrolling down the site’s homepage, users will find a section on transfers with the following subsections:

  • Latest Transfers – here, users will see a list of players who have either transferred recently or are in the process of transferring. The list features a headshot of the player, their name, the position they play, logos of the club they have transferred to and from and the transfer fee.
  • Transfer Expenditure Summer – here, users will see the logo and name of the club that has spent on transfers and amount spent on transfers.
  • Top Summer Transfers – here, users will see the name, position and age of the player, logos of the clubs he has transferred from and to as well as the transfer fee.

From the latest transfers and top transfer lists, users can access detailed information about players by clicking on their names. The link embedded in the player’s names opens a dedicated page that contains player data. Here, users will be able to view information such as:

  • Player’s demographics including age, place of birth, nationality, and height
  • Position the player plays and a full image of the player
  • Player’s market value
  • For players who have transferred, users will see their date of joining the new club and the contract duration
  • Player’s agent with a link to his profile where users can view his clients
  • The club or team the player is attached to – if none, it will show ‘without a club’ since a specified period
  • Player’s transfer history including season of transfer, the date they joined and left teams, and the transfer fees
  • Player performance statistics including competitions they have participated in, number of appearances, number of goals scored, goals the player has assisted, minutes per goal, and minutes played in each competition featured.

In addition to this information, Transfermarkt allows users to view more information about players who are either seeking to transfer from their teams or have already transferred using a string of menu buttons placed just below the player demographics. For instance, by clicking on the ‘National Team’ button, Transfermarkt users will be able to view the career that a player has had with any national team they’ve played for.

Transfermarkt Sports News

Transfermarkt is big on news. Being the first item on the main menu, sport news seems to take center stage on the site. Placing a cursor on the News button, users are able to view the different sections that the site has organized news information including:
transfermarkt news

  • Latest News featuring transfer tickers and all news
  • Categories – including rumors, market values, interviews, experts betting, TM explains and much more
  • Streaks featuring near transfers, rising stars and almost forgotten stars

Transfermarkt has a ‘spotlight’ section where it highlights the latest sports news in the world of football. Users can read detailed articles by clicking on a story of their choice from the homepage. While the site has sections dedicated to interviews and rumors (which could carry sports gossip), information has not been posted yet.


Transfermarkt has a Youtube channel that has about 73,300 subscribers and 14,326,842 views.


Transfermarkt is only available in the following languages: English, French, Dutch, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, Deutsch, Polish.

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