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Soccerway is a football website that features a database of 1000+ football leagues and cups across 134 countries. The website is designed to provide users the latest statistics and live football scores about competitions happening around the world.


  • League statistics
  • Sports news
  • Statistics trends
  • Detailed information about players
  • Detailed information about teams
  • Coach information
  • Referee information
  • Interviews
  • Insider information
  • Rumors
  • Tournaments record
  • Player's transfer history
  • Forum
  • Live-score
  • TV
  • YouTube chanel
  • Languages EN / DE/ ID / ES / FR / GR / IT / KR / NL / PL / PT / RO / TH / TR / RU / AR

Soccerway Sport Statistics

On soccerway, sports statistics are contained in four main sections namely:

  • Fixtures and results
  • Competitions
  • Teams
  • Transfers

From the homepage, users can be able to view soccerway livescore as well as the number of live matches at any given time. The site has a long list of competitions on the homepage but only seems to display matches from the first four to five competitions. However, users who wish to see marches scheduled in the other competitions can click on the competition. From the homepage, users will find information regarding:
soccerway homepage

  • Competitions that have upcoming matches scheduled
  • The teams playing in each of the upcoming matches
  • The time that each match will be taking place

On the top right of the matches list, soccerway has navigation buttons labeled ‘previous’ and ‘next’. Users can use these buttons to view matches that have already been played and those that are upcoming. The data is organized based according to calendar dates. For previous matches, users will be able to view teams that played in each match and the results of the match. Alternatively, users can use a date picker tool located on the right side of the homepage to access information about previous and upcoming matches.

League Statistics at Soccerway

Soccerway provides users with league statistics. To view this data, users need to place the cursor on the orange down arrow next to the ‘Competition’ button on the main menu. Once this is done, the site displays the various competitions featured on the site. The competitions are organized into four categories namely:

  • Club domestic
  • Club international
  • National
  • Youth

The site does not display the entire list of competitions under each category, but users can click the ‘view all’ button at the bottom of the list to see the entire list. Users can click on the league whose statistics they wish to view.

After doing this, the UK soccerway displays a page that carries the title of the league. The page comes with four submenus located just below the title such as ‘summary’, ‘matches’, ‘tables’ and ‘archive’. On the top right, users can select the season and competition stage whose data they wish to view.

For instance, if a view selects the group stage as the stage they wish to view, they will see the following statistics under ‘matches’:
soccerway premier league

  • Matches played over the last two days and their results
  • The various groups in the league
  • Individual team results under each result including number of matches played, wins, draws and losses, goals for and against, goal difference and points earned, results for the last 5 matches

It is worth noting that league statistics available on soccerway vary from one league to another. For instance, the Premier League seems to have more details than the UEFA League. For the Premier League, soccerway includes additional submenus such as ‘transfers’, ‘sidelined’ and venues in addition to those available on UEFA Champions League which are ‘summary’, ‘matches’, ‘tables’ and ‘archive’.

For the Premier League, UK soccerway users will be able to find the following league statistics:

  • Team standings
  • Match attendance
  • Player transfers and loans
  • Sidelined

Detailed Information about Teams

Soccerway has detailed information about teams. The website organizes this information into three categories namely:

  • Club teams
  • National teams
  • More – including FIFA Rankings

To access this information, users need to place the cursor on the orange drop-down arrow next to the ‘teams‘ button on the main menu and select the team whose information they wish to view. On the team-specific page, users are able to view the following information about their favorite team:
soccerway manchester united

  • Team info including the year of establishment, address, country, and contacts
  • Venue details including the name of stadium, capacity, and city
  • A table showing matches played and the results – from the table, users can choose which competition to view and where the team played i.e. home or away
  • Current squad and the position that each member plays – users can also view squads for other seasons by selecting season using the selection menu on the top right of the squad table
  • List of fansites

From the submenus located on the top of the page, just below the name of the team, users can go to ‘trophies’ to learn more about the team’s achievement. On the trophie’s page, users will be able to see statistics on team performance in different competitions and view a list of trophies won.

The transfers page provides information about players who joined the team and those who have left the team, when the transfers were effected and transfer fees. Users can choose the seasons for which they wish to view transfer data.

Coach Information

soccerway solksjaerSoccerway provides users with coach information. Users can find this information by visiting the squad’s section of the team-specific page. At the end of the squad, soccerway provides the name and headshot of the current coach. To view his profile, users need to click on his name. Some of the information users will be able to see about team coaches include:

  • Coach demographics including his name, age, nationality, country and place of birth, height and position they’ve played
  • Coaching career history – these are teams coached and dates of joining and leaving
  • Trophies won – both club and national. Information includes the name of competition, number of times the trophy was won, the position held and year

Referee Information

The website provides the following information about referees:

  • Referee demographics including his name, nationality, country and place of birth
  • Career including Domestic Leagues, Domestic Cups, International Cups and National Teams
  • Last matches – date, tournament, teams, results and yellow and red cards issued.

Soccerway Statistics Trends

Soccerway contains numerous statistics that show trends in the football world. Some of the most significant trends that users will be able to pick from the website are Player performance trends and Transfer trends.

Player performance trends

Soccerway provides comprehensive details about players that show trends in their performance. By detailing information such as red or yellow cards issued to players, the time they been suspended and why, transfer history, goals they’ve scored and teams they’ve played for. Soccerway enables users and other interested parties to begin to take note of top talents to watch in the coming years.

Transfer trends

Soccerway enables users to understand the market value of different teams. By tracking transfer expenditure by teams, users can be able to tell which teams to look out for based on the quality of players they acquire.
Team performance trends: From the website users can analyze team performance trends using statistics on how different teams have performed in different competitions across seasons.

Information about Players

On soccerway, users will find detailed information about players. To access detailed information about their favorite players, visitors need to visit the team-specific page and scroll down to the squad section. Here, they will be able to see a head-shot photo of the player, his name and age. To view a complete profile of the player, users need to click on the name of the player. On the player profile page, soccerway users will be able to view the following information about a player:

Player demographics including names, age, date/place/country of birth, nationality, height, weight, foot and playing position

Career history including:
soccerway buffon

  • Teams the player has played for
  • The seasons he played
  • Competitions he played in
  • Minutes played
  • Number of appearances made per competition
  • Number of times he was a substitute on the bench, in or out
  • Number of goals scored per competition
  • Number of yellow, second yellow card and red cards received
  • Trophies the player has won – at club domestic, club international and national. The information available includes the name of competition, final position, number of times the position was held and year of win
  • Player’s transfer history including date of transfer, from which team to which team and transfer fee
  • Player sidelining history including reason and duration of sidelining
  • Matches the player participated in including date the matches took place, the teams in the matches and the results

Soccerway Transfers History

Soccerway has a section dedicated to transfers. From the main menu, users can access details about transfers by clicking on the ‘transfers’ button. This site opens a page with details about player transfers. The data displayed is organized based on clubs and users can go to the team of their choice to view transfer data.

While the website displays transfer details for the current season, users can view information from other seasons by selecting the competition, season and team whose data they want to view from the tool at the top of the page.

For each team, transfer data is presented in two sections namely Transfers In and Transfers Out.

Some of the information soccerway users will be able to pick from this page include:

  • Total amount spent by a team to transfer players in and out
  • Date of transfer
  • Name and nationality of the player transferred
  • Name of the club where they transferred to or from
  • Transfer or loan amount for every player

Soccerway makes it possible for users to view the transfer history for individual players. Users can do this by clicking on the name of the player on the transfers page to open his profile. Each player profile has a section labeled ‘transfers and loans’. Here, users will be able to tell:

  • The number of times the player has transferred to or from teams
  • Teams the player transferred to and from
  • When the player transferred
  • Value of each transfer

Soccerway Sport News

The site does not provide users with soccerway news. Instead, you can find the latest football news at Goal, TransferMarkt or WhoScored.


The website does not have YouTube channel or a TV channel. However, users can stay up to date with the latest football statistics via soccerway mobi or soccerway mobile, which is available once a user has downloaded and installed the soccerway app.


Soccerway is available in multiple languages including English, Deutsch, Espanol, French, German, Italian, Nederlands, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Korean, Romanian, Russian, Arabic.

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