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Soccerbase UK is a British online football betting platform that has a detailed database containing statistics of different teams, results, referees, players, and coaches. It also serves as a bet365 betting platform dedicated to football betting odds. From the soccer database, football fans can place bets for 48 competitions played about 886 teams drawn from 6 regions. Soccerbase comes in handy for football fans who do not have time to search for information and just want a quick tip.


  • League statistics
  • Sports news
  • Statistics trends
  • Detailed information about players
  • Detailed information about teams
  • Coach information
  • Referee information
  • Interviews
  • Insider information
  • Rumors
  • Tournaments record
  • Player's transfer history
  • Forum
  • Live-score
  • TV
  • YouTube chanel
  • Languages EN

Soccerbase Sport Statistics

On its homepage, displays the big football matches that are coming up complete with:

  • Betting odds
  • Teams that will be playing
  • Day and time of the match
  • Key statistics about the playing teams
  • An expert verdict based on previous performance of the teams
  • A recommendation on how the match could go
  • Name of the referee

The table below contains a summary of competitions and the number of teams that play in each competition:

Region Competition Number of teams
England Premier League 20
Championship 24
League One 23
League Two 24
National League 24
Scotland Scottish Premier 12
Scottish Championship 10
Scottish League One 10
Scottish League Two 10
UEFA Champions League 32
Europa League 48
Europe Italian Series A 20
German Bundesliga 18
Spanish la Liga 20
French Ligue 1 20
Austrian League 12
Belarus League 16
Belgian Division 1 16
Danish SAS Ligean 14
Dutch Eredivisie 18
Finnish Viekkausliiga 12
Greek League 14
Israeli League 14
League of Ireland 10
League of Ireland Division 1 10
Northern Irish Premier League 12
Norwegian Tippeligaen 16
Polish League 16
Portuguese Liga 18
Romanian League 14
Russian League 16
Serbian League 16
Spanish Segunda Division 22
Swedish Allsvenskan 16
Swiss League 10
Turkish League 18
Ukrainian League 12
Welsh Premier 12
International European Champions 55
International Friendly 64
African National Cup 24
Euro U21 Champs 12
Copa America 12
Confederations cup 8
Olympic Games 8
World Australian A League 11
MLS 25

League Statistics

Soccerbase contains statistics for different football leagues. From premier league to champions league, to Europa league, football fans can keep tabs on the performance of their favorite teams and place bets, whether those teams are playing at home or away. Soccerbase is organized in a way that makes it easy for users to filter information about competitions that they are interested in.

For instance, users that are interested in premier league statistics just need to go to the competitions page, then to the English region then to the premier league. On the premier league page, users can view comprehensive statistics for each team in the competition including:
soccerbase premier league

  • Number of games played
  • Number of games won
  • Number of games drawn
  • Number of games lost
  • Goal difference and points earned
  • Goal aggregate
  • Current cup holder

From the statistics presented on this page, users get information about the top scorers in the competition during the season being viewed, most red cards and most bookings. Soccerbase has a feature that enables users to filter these statistics based on seasons. At the end of the page, users can get information about matches that are coming up in the next seven days and competition results for matches played in the last seven days.

Information about Teams

Soccerbase provides information about teams. The platform has a database that contains information on about 886 teams. From this soccer database, football fans can be able to view details about their favorite teams including information pertaining to:
soccerbase bayern

  • Their most recent results
  • Squad statistics
  • Transfers
  • Current squad
  • The position that the player plays
  • Manager history
  • Soccerbase head to head records

Coach Information

Soccerbase does not have a database labeled coach information as Soccerway does. Instead, this online betting site has a database of managers, who also serve as head coaches for different teams, making it possible for the users to access the site. Soccerbase has organized information about managers based on competition and teams that play in each competition.

To view information about managers, users are required to go to the “teams” menu. On the team’s column, the name of the manager is displayed and the name of the team he manages is included in brackets. In the manager’s database, soccerbase displays the following information about individual managers:

  • Teams that the manager has managed before
  • Date when they started managing the team and date when they left
  • Number of games that the team played during that period
  • Number of games that the team won during that period
  • Number of games that the team drew
  • Number of games that the team lost

With this information, it is easy for users to get an overview of the manager’s performance within minutes.

Referee Information

Soccerbase comes with a whole section containing information about referees. This betting platform has organized this information according to seasons and competitions. The platform has two features that make it easy for users to search referee information based on season and competition. When viewing referee information, users are able to take note of details such as:

  • Name of the referee
  • Place of origin
  • Number of games refereed during the competition being viewed
  • Number of yellow cards the referee issued during the competition
  • Number of red cards issued by the referee during the competition

Statistics Trends

Though not expressly stated on the site, the statistics presented on soccerbase reflect different trends in the football world. Some statistical trends that emerge from soccerbase results include:
soccerbase h2h

  • Player performance trends: Based on the soccerbase data, it is pretty easy to note the performance trends for each player. These trends are reflected by the number of goals that the player has scored, the number of yellow cards or red cards that the player has received and even the teams that the player has played for.
  • Team performance trends: These become evident when you look at statistics such as competitions that the team has participated in and the results of those matches – when played both away and at home
  • Referee performance trends: From the referee profile page, soccerbase users can be able to analyze the performance of individual referees based on the number of games refereed, the matches refereed, the type of competition, and even the number of red and yellow cards issued.
  • Manager performance trends: Soccerbase has a profile page for each team manager featured on the site. By viewing the profiles of individual managers, users are able to establish their performance trends using variables such as teams that individual managers have been able to manage, start and end date of their engagement with the team, the number of games that the teams played during their tenure, and the team performance in terms of wins, draws and losses.

Information about Players

Soccerbase provides users with detailed information about players in each team featured on the platform. Each player has an individual page containing details about them and their football career. On this page, soccerbase users can find information such as:
soccerbase player stats

  • Player’s personal details including date of birth, age, nationality, height, weight, and the date they signed up with the current club and their current fee
  • Career history including clubs they have played for, when they joined and left those clubs, their fee and goals scored per game
  • Appearances that the player has made including the competition they appeared in, goals scored in each competition, and yellow and red cards issued to the player during the competition

Soccerbase has a facility that allows users to view details of games played by individual players per season. If a user wants to track the performance of a player across multiple seasons, this facility comes in handy – all the user has to do is to choose the season he or she wishes to view and the information is displayed within seconds.

Transfers History

Soccer base does provide a transfer history of players. To view this information, users need to visit the individual team page, then go to transfers. On this page, users will be able to view player transfer information for each season including:

  • Players transferred to the team
  • Which team they are transferred from
  • The transfer fee and the date of transfer
  • Players transferred from the team
  • The team they are transferred to

In addition to this information, soccer base users will be able to know which players have been loaned out by the team, the ones that have been loaned in and those that have been released by the team.

Sport News

Soccerbase has a dedicated news page. On this page, users can find recent news on among others, team performance and coaching or management changes in teams. At the time of reviewing Soccerbase, the platform had just started publishing news articles. Most articles on the platform focused on sports news, no interview, insider information or gossip articles had been published as yet. The best information resource for gossips is TransferMarkt.
soccerbase newsFor fans who would want to read insightful pieces on the performance of teams in different games, the Soccerbase blog is the place to go. The site publishes match reviews frequently, which means users are likely to get a preview of any game they are interested in prior to the match. The previews feature insights on the teams playing in the match based on their previous performance. At the end of the preview, there are betting recommendations to help readers place bets for upcoming matches.


Soccerbase does not have a TV or a Youtube Channel.


The soccerbase website is available in English only.

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