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Goal.com is one of the leading football platforms available online. It provides users access to football statistics including live scores, football news, match schedules, and much more. Goal.com provides football statistics covering teams that are drawn from 50+ countries across the globe.


  • League statistics
  • Sports news
  • Statistics trends
  • Detailed information about players
  • Detailed information about teams
  • Coach information
  • Referee information
  • Interviews
  • Insider information
  • Rumors
  • Tournaments record
  • Player's transfer history
  • Forum
  • Live-score
  • TV
  • YouTube chanel
  • Languages EN / DE / ID / ES / FR / GR / IT / KR / NL / PT / TH / TR / CH / AR

Goal Sport Statistics

When football fans visit Goal.com, the first thing they’ll see on the screen is sports news – presented in both video and text formats. The main menus on the website that users can navigate to get sports statistics are:
goal football news

  • Live Scores
  • Leagues and Cups
  • Transfers
  • Teams
  • Tables
  • Betting

To view statistics on matches being played each day, users need to go to the ‘Live Scores’ menu to view the list. From the list of matches, users are able to tell which matches are being played under different competitions and the time of the match. By clicking on the ‘Live‘ button on the top right side of this page, users can be able to see which matches are ongoing at the time of their visit.

League Statistics

Goal has a section dedicated to providing visitors with information relating to football leagues. To view this information, users need to go to the ‘League and Cups’ menu and click on the down arrow. Once this is done, a drop menu showing different football leagues emerges showing the country’s flag for country-specific leagues or a world map for international leagues. The name of the league is also shown. Here is a list of leagues that you are likely to see when you click the down arrow on the ‘League and Cups’:
goal arsenal

  • Premier League
  • UEFA Champions League
  • Bundesliga
  • Series A League
  • Ligue 1
  • CAF Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League
  • UEFA Nations League

To view information, users need to click on the league they want to view. This opens a page where news about the league are displayed. Towards the end of the page, users will find a list of teams participating in the league selected.

Viewers can click on the team of choice on this list then view its performance by selecting the competition they are interested in as well as its standing in the competition. On Goal.com, this is not a straightforward process, users have to open multiple pages to get league information.

For a complete list of Leagues and Cups available on Goal, users need to click on the ‘All Leagues & Cups‘ button that appears at the end of the list. This button takes users to a comprehensive list of countries whose football competitions are covered on Goal.com. Ideally, this list is categorized into two:

  • International competitions that are organized based on continents
  • Club competitions that are organized based on countries

Team Information at Goal

Goal has dedicated a section of its website to teams. When a user clicks on the Teams button on the main menu, a list of teams is displayed. Though not as comprehensive considering the list of leagues and cups that the site covers, the teams displayed on the list mainly constitute football clubs from different countries.

Users can go to the club of choice to view team details. Just below the news, the site presents the squad. The site has a photo for each team member and the age. Team details are presented in a table format under the following categories:
goal premier league

  • Goal keepers
  • Defenders
  • Midfielders
  • Attackers
  • Coach

At the end of the page, Goal.com provides a list of competitions that the featured team has participated in or participates in. To view other teams that play in the same competitions, users have to click on each individual competition.

In addition to team competition and team details, Goal.com provides match performance and team standing.

Match performance

From the team’s page, users can view a section on matches that the team has played as well as a list of upcoming matches. For each featured team, the ‘matches’ section has sub-menus of competitions, making it possible for users to view the performance of teams and upcoming matches for each competition that the team participates in.

Users can use a simple navigation tool available on the matches section to view team performance in matches played previously. Navigation on this page is based on dates that matches were played or are scheduled to be played.

Team standings

From the team’s page, users can also view team standings based on the competitions they have participated in. For each competition, users can view a full table that captures details like:

  • Position of the team in the competition
  • Matches played by the team
  • Number of matches won by the team
  • Number of matches drawn by the team
  • Number of matches lost by the team
  • Goal difference
  • Points that the team has earned

Coach Information

Other than a passport photo of the coach and the name, Goal.com does not provide any other information about the coach. The information available about the coach is presented alongside that of the team on the team’s page. With minimal information about coaches, it is difficult for users to tell when they started coaching the team, which other teams they have coached before and how the teams performed during their tenure. As such, it is difficult for users to rate the performance of the coach. The most detailed coach information is available at TransferMarkt.

Referee Information

Even though Goal has lots of information about matches, the website does not provide any details about referees unlike Soccerway for example.

Goal Statistics Trends

Goal provides statistics that can enable users to track team performance trends. However, due to the lack of data on individual players, transfers, referees, and coaches, it is not possible to establish trends for these groups. To view team performance trends, the website has the main menu labeled ‘Tables’. On this page, users can select the competition of their choice and view the standings on a table that shows details such as:

  • Team position
  • Number of matches played
  • Matches won, drawn and lost
  • Number of goals for and against
  • Goal difference
  • Points that the team has earned

Information about Players

Goal provides information about players, but it is basic, rather than detailed. One of the main menus on Goal is ‘Teams’. When users click on this menu, a list of football teams is displayed. Users who want to view information about players are expected to click on the team of their choice. This opens to a page whose title is the name of the team. Users need to scroll past the news display to a section titled ‘Squad’ where team information is displayed. Information that Goal avails about players are limited to:

  • Names of the player
  • Photo (head shot) of the player
  • Age of the player
  • The position they play in the team

Based on information available on Goal website, it is difficult for users to analyze the performance of players because they will not be able to tell:

  • How many goals players have scored
  • What other teams players have played for
  • The nationality of the players
  • Fees that clubs pay for the players
  • Number of yellow or red cards the players have been issued with

See Whoscored for detailed information about players.

Goal Transfers History

Goal.com has a whole page dedicated to transfers. On this page, the website publishes information on player transfers in video format. Even, the approach used by the website in sharing transfer information makes it impossible for users to track the transfer history of individual players. The website presents this information like news and it is highly likely that not all transfers effected in the teams featured on the site are captured in this news.

Goal.com Sport News

Goal is big on sports news. From the home page to transfers, those who visit this website are welcomed by sports news. The site filters news based on the team that a user is exploring, ensuring that users get to see relevant news content. The site uses both text and videos to keep users updated. Its news content covers:

Sports News: Users can access sports news – both in video and text formats on the site and know what team managers and players are saying.
Interviews: Through its VoxPox program, Goal goes out interviewing fans about their predictions on team performance ahead of big matches. For instance, days before the Manchester United played Arsenal in the Premier League in the 2019/20 season, the crew from this platform sought to find out what fans thought the outcome of the match would be.
Insider information: Goal produces and publishes videos that provide football analysis and insider information. The ‘Movers and Shakers’ and ‘African Football Show’ are some of the insider information series available on the site.
Gossip: Goal features videos that feature with inside information on players, particularly on issues touching on their transfers from one team to another. This content features prominently on its Transfer page.


Through its Goal.com has two youtube channels. Its main channel called Goal has 851,000 subscribers and 268,626,931 views. On this channel, Goal streams content such as:

  • FPL Gameweek series
  • How to videos

Its other channel called Goal News and Highlights has about 18,100 subscribers and 11,287,736 views. Some of the content that the website streams via its youtube channel include:

  • Transfer rumors
  • Football news
  • Great goals
  • Highlights
  • Own goals


Goal.com is available in 19 different languages including English, Nederlands, Deutsch, Espanol, Indonesia, Francais, Italiano, Portugues, Magyar, Vietnamese

Users from English speaking countries can pick the English edition they prefer, for instance, the UK or US English.

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