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SmartBets is a UK-based odds comparison website that helps bettors find the best odds for matches across the world. The website features odds for two sports – football and horse racing.


  • Number of sports 2
  • Number of bookmakers 12
  • Prelive football markets 60
  • Live odds
  • Bet calculator
  • Odds Update Speed several times a day
  • Personal account
  • Players сommunity
  • Favourite league/team
  • Favourite event
  • Betting tips
  • Hints
  • Betslip creation
  • Results
  • Live Widget/Stats
  • Odds archive
  • Prelive odds history
  • Popular bets
  • Odds format EU
  • Bookmakers' rating
  • Bookmakers review
  • Advertisement prevalence
  • Main Bookmaker

Sports at Smartbets

The content on this website is organized into four key categories that appear as the main menus. These are:
SmartBets homepage

  • Sports
  • Freebets
  • Bookies
  • News

Even so, SmartBets features a wide range of content on its homepage. When users open the website, they will be able to see:

Sports whose odds are featured on the site – these appear just below the main menu.

My Leagues Section: Appearing on the top left side of the page, this section features a list of football leagues. At the end of the list is a button labeled ‘Add more leagues’. Users who click on this button will see a pop-up page displaying other football leagues and they can click on their preferred league to add to the list. On the leagues’ list, users will be able to see the flag of the country that hosts the league and the name of the league. SmartBets users can click on the league name to go to the league specific page. On this page, users will find the following information:

  • Buttons labeled ‘Upcoming Matches’, ‘Latest Results’ and ‘Offers’
  • Name of the sport, the host country and the name of the competition
  • A brief writeup about the league’s odds

Below the main menu, they’ll see the names of other leagues featured on the website.

When they scroll down the page, users will be a table showing upcoming matches. Information that SmartBets users can expect to see on this table includes:

  • Day, date and time of the matches listed
  • Teams that will be playing in the match
  • Best betting odds for home, away and draw
  • Names of the bookmakers that have placed the best odds

SmartBets odds comparisonA ‘view odds’ button – when SmartBets users click on this button, they will be taken to an odds comparison table where they will be able to see:

  • Odds for all markets or bet types – these are organized per market
  • All the bookmakers that have placed odds for the match and their respective odds
  • Best odds – presented in bold and arrows showing whether they are drifting or shortening. SmartBets uses colors to distinguish between best odds available (Green text), drifting odds (green arrow) and shortening odds (red arrow). The odds comparison table is dynamic and users can use the buttons located on the top left of the table to filter odds based on their preference. The four buttons are labeled ‘Main’, ‘Asian Lines’, ‘Goals’ and ‘Half’
  • A smartfact section explaining the bookmaker offering the best odds or payout rate for the match

Smartbets statisticsUsers can also view team stats by clicking on the ‘Stats’ button on the top left part of the table. For football, users will be able to see stats for:

  • Goals scored by each team
  • Goals conceded by each team
  • Yellow and red cards issued to each team
  • Corner and penalty statistics for each team
  • Users will also find head to head statistics

My Teams Section: Here, SmartBets users will see a list of teams and a button that allows them to add more teams to the list. Each team’s name is embedded with a link to the team-specific page. Users who click on the name of the team will find the following information about the team:

Name and form of the team – the form is presented in small circles showing wins and loses, each circle represents a match.

A fixtures table showing the best odds for upcoming matches involving the team. From the table, SmartBets users will be able to see:

  • Date and time of scheduled upcoming matches
  • Teams that will be playing in those matches
  • Best odds for a home away and draw complete with the bookmakers that have placed them

Button to ‘View odds’ – this opens the odds comparison table where viewers will be able to see:

  • All bookmakers that have placed odds on the match and their respective odds
  • View drifting, shortening and best odds available
  • Odds for different bet types
  • A smartfact on which team has a chance to win, percentage chance and bookmaker offering the best odds
  • Team stats
  • Latest results table showing matches that the team has played in, the name of competition, the results of the match and the teams that played. Users can click on the ‘Match Recap’ to view match stats
  • Information about the team including a year of establishment, manager, history, etc
  • A caption of the team’s twitter page
  • A table featuring the next 3 matches that the team will play showing scheduled dates and time, teams playing and the best odds for each match. The table also shows the bookmaker that has placed the best odds for the matches and features a button for users to add the odds to their betslip

Upcoming leagues and matches: This appears in the middle of the homepage, each league and match is featured on its own table. Leagues feature several matches and users will be able to:

  • Select their preferred bet types
  • See the name of the league and competition
  • View the date and time that matches in the league are scheduled to take place
  • Best odds placed for each match and the bookmakers that placed them
  • SmartBets users can click on the ‘view all matches’ button to see a complete list of matches under a particular league

For upcoming matches, SmartBets viewers will be able to see the following:

  • Name of the league and the teams playing
  • Time and date the match will take place – for matches that are scheduled to take place on the current day, users will see a countdown
  • Best odds for the match and the bookmakers that have placed them – to view a complete odds comparison table, users can click on the ‘view all odds’ button
  • A smartfact showing winning chance and bookmaker offering the best odds. It is important to note that not all upcoming matches have an accompanying smartfact

SmartBets does not provide information about prelive football markets.

Bookmakers at Smartbets

SmartBets has a dedicated section on bookmakers. Users can access this section by going to the ‘Bookies’ on the main menu. Based on the bookmakers listed on the bookies’ page, SmartBets works with 11 bookmakers. Users who visit this page will see the names and logos of bookmakers, their star rating, a brief description of each bookmaker, deposit and bonus amount for each bookmaker and a link to their terms and conditions.

Bookmaker Reviews and Ratings

SmartBets provides reviews and ratings of bookmakers that it works with. While the star ratings are visible from the bookies’ page, SmartBets users need to click on the name of the bookmaker to read its review. On the bookmaker review page, users will find information such as:
SmartBets bookmaker reviews

  • Details about the bookmaker including website, when it was founded, city and CEO
  • Bookmaker’s signup offer and terms
  • How to make deposits to the bookmaker
  • Steps for claiming signup offers
  • How to get free bets and other offers
  • Stats of bookmaker features
  • Wagering requirements

Bookmaker Ads

SmartBets features bookmaker ads virtually on each page. On the homepage, the website runs free offer adverts on the right side and ranks top bookmakers at the end of the page. On the team-specific page, the site has an ‘Offers’ button at the top of the page that leads to ads with bookmaker offers.


SmartBets signup formSmartBets offers users several ways of customizing their accounts. For starters, the website allows users to create their own accounts by going to the orange Login/Sign Up button at the top right of the homepage. Having signed up on the website, users will be able to:

  • Customize the ‘My Leagues’ section of the site by adding their preferred leagues
  • Customize the ‘My Teams’ section by adding their favorite teams
  • Adding bookmakers of their choice to their accounts
  • Creating a betslip and adding their preferred odd to it

Users will be able to mark their favourite teams and leagues by clicking on the stars next to them after setting up an account.


While SmartBets does not provide popular bets or bet calculator, there are several ways that the site helps bettors increase their chances of placing bets. These include:

Smartfacts: SmartBets features smartfacts that inform users about the team that has the best chances of winning a match and highlights the bookmaker that has placed the best odds in the match.

Featuring the top 3 best odds: On the comparison table, SmartBets features the top 3 best odds and the respective bookmakers that place them. Further, the website helps users make informed choices by highlighting the best odds available, odds drifting and odds shortening. With this information, SmartBets users can be able to make better betting decisions.

Live Betting at Smartbets

SmartBets does not provide live scores for ongoing matches hence it also does not feature live odds. Even so, the site updates betting odds placed by bookmakers in real-time and users can be able to see how odds drift or shorten as well as the best available odds. SmartsBets does not provide live widgets, however, it provides match stats that users can find on team-specific pages. Some match stats that SmartBets users include:

  • Number of corners and penalties for each team
  • Number of yellow and cards for each
  • Number of substitutions
  • Number of conceded goals
  • Head to Head stats

Odds History

SmartBets does not provide prelive odds hence there is no archive of such odds. At the same time, the site does not archive results and odds history.

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