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OddsPortal Introduction

Oddsportal is an odds portal that offers bettors betting statistics, odds comparisons, betting tools, and live scores to enhance their betting success. The website features 21 different sports and gives users access to the latest betting offers for those sports including oddsportal tennis. On odsportal, bettors can compare betting odds from more than 60 leading bookmakers and follow market trends with the help of different betting tools.


  • Number of sports 21
  • Number of bookmakers 63
  • Prelive football markets 11
  • Live odds
  • Bet calculator
  • Odds Update Speed Instant
  • Personal account
  • Players сommunity
  • Favourite league/team
  • Favourite event
  • Betting tips
  • Hints sure bets, value bets, dropping odds
  • Betslip creation
  • Results
  • Live Widget/Stats
  • Odds archive
  • Prelive odds history
  • Popular bets
  • Odds format EU / UK / US / MA / IN / HK
  • Bookmakers' rating
  • Bookmakers review
  • Advertisement prevalence
  • Main Bookmaker


On the right side of the site, Oddsportal provides a list of all the sports that are featured on the site. Users can click on each sport to get links to matches scheduled for the current day, popular matches and scheduled competitions per region or country. Oddsportal has organized betting information into four broad categories namely:

Oddsportal betting odds monitoring

  • Odds comparison
  • Community
  • Live scores
  • Bookmakers

From its homepage, Oddsportal provides users with several sets of sports information including:

A section on hot matches showing the most popular matches scheduled for the day. Users will be able to see the date and time of the match, teams playing in the match, and highest odds for home, draw and away alongside bookmakers who place those odds. To view a complete list of popular matches on odds portal, users can click on the ‘All Hot Matches’ button at the bottom of the section. From the list displayers, users can find the best betting odds as well as bookmakers that offer them by clicking on the match. Users can view hot matches for different sports using the buttons on top of the page.

A section on top users predictions featuring a list of predictions made by users. These are presented based on the sport and users can be able to see details such as:

  • Name of match, competition and host region or country
  • Day and time of the match
  • User predictions for each match

To view a complete list of top users’ predictions, users can click on the ‘All Top Predictions’ button at the bottom of the section.

A dropping odds section showing odds and what they have dropped to, matches and tips. To view a complete list of dropping odds, users can click on the ‘All Dropping Odds’ button at the bottom of the section.

Oddsportal blocked oddsA blocked odds section showing available bookmakers odds, and matches. To view a complete list of blocked oddsbet, users can click on the ‘All Blocked Odds’ button at the bottom of the section.

In-play odds section showing status, match and sport.

Next matches section showing a list of upcoming and continuing matches. On this section, users will be able to see:

  • Matches that are ongoing including real updates on their odds
  • Which matches are being streamed live and which bookmakers are streaming them
  • The sport, competition and region or country that is hosting the match
  • Betting odds for each match – for away, draw and home
  • A section on top events showing a list of different competitions that are lined up. Users can navigate this section by clicking on specific competitions or view sport-specific events using the buttons located on top of the page

Odds portal does not provide users with information about prelive football markets.


Based on statistics available on the site, some 66 bookmakers currently partner with Oddsportal. The site has a dedicated section for bookmakers that users can access through the main menu. In this section, users will find a search tool that they can use to search bookmakers by welcome bonus, average payout, language, withdrawal method among others. Through this button, odds portal users will find three sub-menus namely ‘Bookie Info’, ‘Bonus Offers’ and ‘Odds Quality’.

Under Bookie Info, users will find a list of global and local bookmakers that partner with OddsPortal. Here, they can find bookie comparison information including:
Oddsportal bookmakers comparison

  • Name and logo of the bookmaker
  • Their individual ratings
  • Links to their websites
  • Bonus offers highlights

Under Bonus offers, users will find a list of bonus offers for different bookmakers and free bets along with their explanations.

Under Odds Quality, users will find information that shows which bookmakers place the best odds. The site uses archived oddsbet from major bookmakers to calculate average payouts and users can be able to gauge bookmakers using this parameter as well as average in-play odds payout.

Bookmaker reviews and ratings at OddsPortal

Oddsportal does not provide bookmaker reviews. However, users can view bookmaker ratings on the bookmaker comparison table. Here, users will be able to see how each featured bookmaker rates in terms of:

  • Quality of odds
  • BMR ratings
  • User ratings
  • Overall rating

Bookmaker Ads

Oddsportal features bookmaker ads on the right side of different pages. For instance, on the homepage, users can see advertisements for various bookmakers. The site also has a top banner featuring a bookmaker advert.

OddsPortal Customization

Oddsportal provides an opportunity for users to create their own personal accounts for a better experience. Upon registering on the site, users are able to:
Oddsportal registriation page

  • Compare all bookmakers featured on the site
  • Customize their portal with preferred sports, teams, competitions odds types, and bookmakers
  • Create their own betting exchange commissions
  • Share coupons and view coupon results via email

In addition, users can populate the sections – that are labeled ‘My Leagues’ and ‘My Coupons’ on Oddsportal – after registering.


Oddsportal comes with several features that enhance its functionality and enhance betting outcomes for players. Under the odds comparison section of the website, users will find several betting tools that they can use to increase their chances of winning bets. These tools include:

Value bets: With this tool, users can be able to locate interesting bets using values that have been computed mathematically. The site compares odds that bookmakers place with the average total odds that yield similar outcomes.

Dropping odds: This tool enables users to identify odds that have experienced a significantly big drop in recent days. Oddsportal uses color codes to help users differentiate stats on this page. For instance, yellow boxes contain two stats – an average previous odds as well as average current odds, which is often shown in bold. Using a filter, users can choose the betting type, the time period and the lowest percentage that bookmakers odds drop with. Of importance to note is that the dropping odds list on Oddsportal only features 200 opportunities.

Moving margins: With these tools, users are able to track movements of handicap margins so that they can use better odds on better margins to their benefit. They can be able to see which events handicap margins moved to. With moving margins, betting odds remain the same and in the event they change, that change is often insignificant. It is important to note that handicap margins tend to remain in a usual range across the market. In the event the margins move beyond their normal zone, Oddsportal displays the changes on the moving margins table.

Oddsportal sure betsSure bets: This tool enables users to place bets with the certainty of a win. With sure bets, users can place a single bet for every outcome with multiple bookmakers on a specific sport, event or game. Insure betting, each outcome has a mathematical advantage backing it so wins are guaranteed. On the sure bets tool, users get access to a sure bet calculator that enables them to count their stakes. As a rule, computation of sure bets is done across all bookmakers featured on odds portal. The bets that win cover all bets that have been lost, allowing betters to make profits. Users can go to the calculator icon and enter the amount they want to bet to calculate oddsbet and place sure bets. Odds portal only lists sure bets for the coming 7 days.

Live Betting

Oddsportal features a whole section on live scores from where users can engage in live betting. On the live score page, users can be able to access stats on live scores for the top ten most popular betting sports such as oddsportal tennis. For each sport, users are able to view:

  • Name of competition, host country and the time the match started
  • Live time played – usually in red
  • Live scores – presented in red

Using the live button on top of the page, users can filter and generate a list of all matches that are live at the time of visiting the site. Users can also view live odds by going to the odds button. On this page, users are able to view odds for home, away and draw for live matches. On oddsportal, it is difficult to tell how fast live odds get updated.

At the end of the page, this site has a link to widgets – it is however not clear whether these are live. To use the widgets, users are required to configure their odds service. The widgets page features three subcategories namely dropping odds, next matches, and sure bets.

OddsPortal Odds History

Oddsportal archived resultsOddsportal has a comprehensive archive of archived odds. From the homepage, users can view quick stats about archived results. To access the list of the results, users need to go to ‘Odds Comparison’ on the main menu then to the ‘Betting Tools’ sub-menu and to ‘Archived Results’. The data on the archived results page is organized based on competition, sport, and competition. Users can view archived results for different sports and oddsbet by clicking on the league or competition. The archived results section has a match search feature that allows users to search its results and betting odds history using the name of the team or player names.

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