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Oddspedia Introduction

Launched in 2014, Oddspedia is an odds site that compares odds from various bookmakers with a view of helping bettors. The site features 34 sports, that range from football, basketball to horse racing and even tennis. As a leading betting site, Oddspedia offers users great betting tools that include sure bets, dropping odds and free sure bets in addition to comprehensive sports coverage. The site strives to make as many competitions under the sports categories featured as possible available for betting. For instance, for football betting, Oddspedia covers competitions that happen in at least 70 countries.


  • Number of sports 34
  • Number of bookmakers 46
  • Prelive football markets 25
  • Live odds
  • Bet calculator
  • Odds Update Speed Instant
  • Personal account
  • Players сommunity
  • Favourite league/team
  • Favourite event
  • Betting tips
  • Hints sure bets, value bets, dropping odds
  • Betslip creation
  • Results
  • Live Widget/Stats
  • Odds archive
  • Prelive odds history
  • Popular bets
  • Odds format EU / UK / US
  • Bookmakers' rating
  • Bookmakers review
  • Advertisement prevalence
  • Main Bookmaker


Using odds comparison, the website offers users numerous betting types designed to fit specific markets featuring the best e-Sports odds, tennis odds, football odds and basketball odds. Some of the betting types users can expect to find on this website include:

Oddspedia homepage

  • 1×2
  • Asian handicap
  • Over/under
  • Both teams to score
  • Correct score
  • Half time / full time
  • The first team to score
  • To win to nil
  • Clean sheet

The website provides these markets at any stage of the match. As such, users can expect to explore half time, quarter and period betting – based on the sport they pick.

Oddspedia provides a wide range of information for users. On the home page, users can be able to access the following sports information, among others:

  • A slide showing upcoming matches or those that are starting soon, teams that will be playing, bookmakers and betting odds
  • A list of top events showing the name of competition and number of events under each competition
  • A list of sports that are featured on the site including a number of matches scheduled for each sport
  • A highlights sections that show matches scheduled for the day or those that are coming up

For each highlighted match, users can be able to see:

  • The name of the sport, the host country or region and the name of the competition
  • The teams that will be participating in the match and time the matches are scheduled to begin
  • The betting odds for home, draw and away
  • Name of the bookmaker placing the odds
  • Live odds sections showing ongoing matches
  • A starting soon section with information of games that are just about to start soon. Here, users can see how soon the match will start in addition to details similar to those in the highlights section
  • A section showing match details for a featured sport and another one with information about oddspedia and frequently asked questions

At live odds sections users can be able to view the following details:
Oddspedia live betting odds

  • Name of sport, host country or region, and name of the competition
  • Teams that are participating in the match
  • Live results and time played
  • Betting odds for home, draw and away
  • Name of the bookmaker placing the odds

Oddspedia is organized in four main sections as featured on the main menu. These are Live Odds, Betting Tools such as dropping odds and free sure bets, Community and Lives Streaming. While Oddspedia offers a wide range of sports information, the site does not provide any information about pre-live football markets.


Oddspedia has partnered with 72 bookmakers to help users pick the best choices for their bets. According to the website, the bookmakers it works with are not only the best, but they are also the most reliable and reputable online bookmakers. They are licensed by legitimate betting authorities and have been approved by its professional and experienced betting team.

Even with more than seventy bookmakers working with it, Oddspedia has a way of filtering the bookmakers so that users only access those that accept participation from the country where users are located. With this feature, the site is able to show users bookmakers that are relevant to them. The site provides these bookmakers as suggestions to users on the right side of the page.

Bookmakers Reviews, Ratings, and Ads

Oddspedia does not feature bookmaker reviews. If a user clicks on the bookmakers suggested on the site, they will be taken to the bookmaker’s website. Even so, the site does not present suggested bookmakers in a list format. Rather, it provides a brief advert of the bookmaker such as bonus and free bet offers that the site offers.

The website does not have a dedicated section with information about all bookmakers it workers and their ratings. However, users can be able to see the ratings of bookmakers that pay bettors in their countries alongside the bookmaker ads under the ‘suggested bookmakers’ sections that appear on the right side of each page.


Oddspedia allows users to set up a personal account through registration. The registration process is pretty straightforward. Users can register through their Facebook or Google Accounts. Alternatively, they can provide their email address, choose a username and password. Once they have set up the account, users logon to their account and are able to customize it by:

  • Populating ‘My Favourite’ section which appears on the top left side of each page. In this section, users can add their favorite leagues, teams, and players. To add their favorite teams, players or leagues, users only need to click on the star icon on the match and league pages
  • Populating ‘My Coupon’ section which appears on the top right of each page. In this section, we have the option of adding bets. To do this, users are required to click on their choice odds as they browse through the website or go to the ‘add to coupon’ button and add a bet

In addition to creating and customizing accounts, registered users are able to participate in community discussions. For instance, users can be able to place a bet prediction on the community page.

Other things that registered users are able to do under the community include:

  • Winning free bets each day by participating in community games that are featured on a daily basis
  • Saving and sharing coupons with their friends
  • Voting and discussing their predictions with other community members
  • Tracking important statistics with other users including return on investment statistics

Oddspedia Functionality

Oddspedia offers users several betting tools that enable them to increase their chances of better betting outcomes. These tools include:

Sure bets: This tool provides users with a strategy to generate certain profits after they place bets on each possible outcome of a match event. Sure bets are generated through scanning of all available bookmakers after which the odds are processed using a mathematical formula to generate profitable bets irrespective of the match outcome. Oddspedia displays sure bets showing sure wins for users on the site. To view sure bets for different sports and matches, users need to go to the ‘Betting Tools’ button on the main menu and click on ‘Sure bets’ sub-menu. On the sure bet page, users will find details such as:

Oddspedia surebets calculator

  • A table showing sport, matches, away and home betting odds, and bookmakers placing the odds
  • Sure bets profit margin expressed as a percentage
  • Sure bets calculator – accessed by clicking on the sure bets calculator icon on the outcome column. To use the sure bets calculator, users only need to key in the amount they want to bet. The sure bets calculator calculates stakes for the various match outcomes automatically and shows you the profit percentage for the sure bets placed
  • Frequently asked questions on sure bets

Oddspedia value betsValue bets: Like sure bets, value bets are calculated mathematically and help users explore the probability of outcomes being higher than odds reflected. Oddspedia uses this tool to increase the possibility of users winning more profits in the long term. The site achieves this by comparing bookmaker odds with the average of total odds placed for the same outcomes.

Dropping odds: Another betting tool that enhances the functionality of Oddspedia is dropping odds. With dropping odds, Oddspedia uses the movement of odds on each bookmakers’ markets to enable users to utilize those trends to their benefit. The basic definition of dropping odds changes that occur to odds over time. For users, the dropping odds tools make it possible for them to find values from bookmakers that haven’t adjusted odds in line with the latest trends as established by changes in other bookies.

Live Betting at Oddspedia

Oddspedia provides users with live scores for more than 40 sports. The site has a live betting feature that enables users to place bets on live games.

Live Odds

Oddspedia odds comparisonOn the ‘Live Score’ button located on the main menu of the Oddspedia website, users can tell how many matches are ongoing at any particular time. Upon clicking this button, users get access to a detailed section showing a list of all live scores available on the site. This page also shows live betting odds comparisons for every ongoing match alongside live scores. This enables users to bet live on the platform. In live betting, users are able to place bets after a match has started – making it more advantageous and exciting.

Odds Update

A live scores update is done real-time and bookmakers are featured on live odds comparison. Any changes that bookmakers make on live odds are updated in real-time and reflected on the live score comparison within seconds. This gives users access to live prices for all live match events so they can enjoy high betting odds.

Oddspedia Live Stats and Widgets

Oddspedia displays live statistics for users who are interested in live matches. The live stats are available on the livescores page and include live odds of each live match and live scores.

Odds History

Oddspedia does provide users with odds history details. To access odds history, users need to go to ‘Betting Tools’ on the main menu then to ‘Sports Almanac’. Here, users can be able to view:

Oddspedia Sports Almanac

  • Sports history
  • Historical odds alongside names of bookmakers
  • Archived results
  • Statistics from different competitions

Users can filter odds history by sport, period, date, outcome and where matches took place i.e. home or away. They can also search the odds history database by team or player. The site does not provide a history of prelive odds.

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