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Nowgoal Introduction

Nowgoal is an odds comparison website that features numerous sports statistics including live scores, fixtures and standings. The website provides users statistics on 5 sports, namely football/soccer, basketball, tennis, snooker, and hockey.


  • Number of sports 6
  • Number of bookmakers 12
  • Prelive football markets 5
  • Live odds
  • Bet calculator
  • Odds Update Speed Instant
  • Personal account
  • Players сommunity
  • Favourite league/team
  • Favourite event
  • Betting tips
  • Hints
  • Betslip creation
  • Results
  • Live Widget/Stats
  • Odds archive
  • Prelive odds history
  • Popular bets
  • Odds format EU / US / MA / IN / HK
  • Bookmakers' rating
  • Bookmakers review
  • Advertisement prevalence
  • Main Bookmaker


The information available on nowgoal is basically presented in the following broad categories:

  • Livescore
  • Odds comparison
  • Over/under
  • 6in1 Odds
  • Results
  • Fixtures
  • Standings
  • Database

At the very top of each page, nowgoal provides buttons for the different sports that it covers. Users can use these buttons to navigate the site and view odd comparisons for different sporting events.

On the Livescore, which is also the default homepage on the website, nowgoal com provides a wide range of information to users. This includes:

A list of hot leagues featured on the website. When users click on the name of the competition, they are able to view a table with detailed information about the league including:

  • Name of the league and season
  • A table showing team standings in the league competition including groups, number of wins, losses and draws and points. From the table, users can filter information based on the preliminary contest, rounds, groups, finals, and playoffs
  • Navigation buttons that users can use to view other league stats such as O/U stats, half time/full-time stats, HDP stats and HT score

A table showing live matches and upcoming matches. From this table, nowgoal users will find numerous information about matches. This includes:

  • Name of the league competition
  • Time the match started and played time so far – this appears in blue, just next to the time the match started
  • Names of the teams participating in the match and whether they are playing at home or away
  • For ongoing matches, users will be able to view nowgoal livescores
  • Betting odds for the match
  • Team ranking in the featured league competition
  • Which teams have been issued with red cards

Data icons that enable users to view match analysis, odds, 1×2 odds, 3 in 1 odds and a prompt window with now goal live odds. Users can be able to view the following stats when they click on the data icons:

Match analysis icons – opens a page where users can view live analysis table, now goal live odds comparison, 1×2 odds, 3in1 odds, bookmakers and their respective odds, referee and coach stats.

Odds icon – opens a page with odds changes while the other two icons open pages showing 1×2 odds and 3in1 odds. From the odds comparison, 1×2 odds and 3in1 odds tables, users will be able to view changes in odds – nowgoal uses green and red arrows to show dropping or rising odds. Users will also be able to see which odds are live and which ones are running.

From the odds comparison table, users can see which bookmakers are fielding live odds – as the word ‘Live’ appears next to the bookmaker’s name in red. On the last column of the odds table, users can access running and historical odds for each listed bookmaker by clicking on the relevant button.

Nowgoal users have the option of choosing which stats to view on the table using the ‘Preferences’ section that is located on the right side of the table. Also, users can view details about teams that are playing in live matches or upcoming matches by clicking on the team’s name to open a team specific page. On this page, users will find information such as:

  • List of competitions that the team has participated in
  • Dates and matches they participated in including their scores and whether they played at home or away

Link to the odds comparison table for the different matches that the team has participated in where users will view betting information like:

  • Bookmakers that placed odds for the match
  • Bet types and the odds placed for each bet type
  • Detailed stats for the participating teams including head to head stats and previous scores stats

Nowgoal odds comparisonOn the Odds Comparison section, users will find the following information:

  • A calendar for the next two weeks
  • Table showing details such as the name of the league, time of the match and participating teams with data icons, time played along with live scores, bookmakers that have placed odds on the match along with the odds they’ve placed for each match for the home, away and draw. The odds comparison table is highly dynamic, live scores and live odds are updated real-time so users can see odds changes
  • A key to help users interpret odd changes – the odds comparison table is color-coded with green fills representing decreasing odds rates, pink fills representing increasing odds rates and yellow representing under changing odds rate.
    Prompt windows with more odds stats

It is important to note that nowgoal provides odds comparison stats for different bet types. From the main odds comparison page, users can use the buttons labeled ‘Handicap’, ‘1×2’, ‘over/under’, ‘6in1’, and ‘Euro odds’ located on top of the page to view odds comparisons for those specific odd types.

Nowgoal results pageFrom the odds comparison page, users can access the results, fixtures and database page using clearly labeled buttons placed at the top of the odds comparison page. On the results page, users will be able to see the outcomes of matches played in the last seven days by clicking of the preferred date on the calendar. On the results table, nowgoal users will be able to see:

  • Teams that participated in completed matches and their performance – winning teams are presented in bold
  • Match status and scores
  • Yellow or red cards issued to teams

Users can filter the results based on country, league, hot matches, and my games.

On the fixtures page, users will find information on upcoming matches including scheduled time and date, participating teams and name of the competition.

Nowgoal does not provide information about prelive football markets.


Nowgoal does not have a dedicated section for bookmakers. Since the site does not has not consolidated information about bookmakers, it is difficult to tell the actual number of bookmakers that it partners with.

Some of the pages that feature lists of bookmakers are match specific odds comparison pages, the main odds comparison page accessed through the main menu on the homepage and ‘running’ page that is accessed from the match specific odds comparison page and provides bookmarker-specific data.

Based on information available on nowgoal, the website does not provide bookmaker reviews or ratings hence it is difficult for users to tell their level of reliability. The website does feature bookmaker ads on selected pages like the home page.


Nowgoal free appNowgoal com seems not to provide a way for users to create their own profiles. Even so, the website provides several customization options for users. For instance, users can use the preference section to customize the information they want to see on the live score table and also adjust goal sound settings. Users can also create a ‘my games’ list on the website.

Nowgoal Functionality

Nowgoal does not provide users with a list of popular bets or mathematical tools such as the bet calculator to enable them to maximize their betting. However, the website does provide sets of data that could help users make informed betting choices. Some of these stats include:

Match prediction: On the match specific odds comparison page, now goal provides users with a match prediction advising users which odds to pick for the best possible win.

Odds changes: Nowgoal’s odds comparison table is dynamic, allowing users to track changes in odds. For instance, the site uses green and pink color fills to help users tell when odds are increasing and decreasing. At the same time, the site uses colored up and down arrows and colored text to depict changes in odds.

Odds comparison for different bet types: Unlike most odds comparison sites that only show odds for selected bet types, nowgoal provides users with odds stats for all bet types. While the site risks overloading users with information, the data may be useful to bettors who are looking to try their luck on different bet types.

Live betting: Nowgoal provides users with nowgoal livescores for ongoing matches. It also helps users identify bookmakers that facilitate live betting by placing the word ‘Live’ next to their name on the odds comparison table. With live betting, nowgoal users are able to place bets after matches have started, an aspect that increases their chances of winning.

Live Betting at Nowgoal

Nowgoal live scoresNowgoal provides users with live scores and allows them to bet live. On the match specific pages, nowgoal makes it easy for users to find bookmakers that facilitate live betting. Users can select a bookmaker and go to the ‘running’ button on the right side of the page to view minute by minute odds updates as these are done in real-time. There are no live widgets on nowgoal, but users can expect to find lots of stats – from team stats to match specific stats as well as odd history stats.

Odds History

Nowgoal does not provide users with prelive odds history. However, the website contains archives of odds history and results in history. From the match specific page, nowgoal provides users with a link to historical odds history for every bookmaker it features on the site. To view results history, users need to go to the odds comparison page and click on the ‘results’ button at the top of the page to see results for matches played over the last seven days. Users only need to click on their chosen date on the calendar to view results.

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