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Hot odds is an odds comparison website that offers betting fans numerous betting stats including dropping odds, bookmaker reviews, best odds bookies and betting tips. The site provides betting odds for at least 20 sports and can view odds for live events at any given time.


  • Number of sports 14
  • Number of bookmakers 28
  • Prelive football markets 18
  • Live odds
  • Bet calculator
  • Odds Update Speed
  • Personal account
  • Players сommunity
  • Favourite league/team
  • Favourite event
  • Betting tips
  • Hints dropping odds
  • Betslip creation
  • Results
  • Live Widget/Stats
  • Odds archive
  • Prelive odds history
  • Popular bets
  • Odds format EU / UK / US / MA / IN / HK
  • Bookmakers' rating
  • Bookmakers review
  • Advertisement prevalence
  • Main Bookmaker

Sports at Hot Odds

To succeed in their betting activities, hot odds users can explore the website using the following menus:

  • Odds comparison: Here, users will be able to view odds for different live events and upcoming matches
  • Dropping odds: Here, users get to view stats on changes in bet values for upcoming matches in real-time
  • Bookmakers: Here, users will find a list of all bookmakers that partner with hot odds
  • Bet types: Here, users will get to see the different types of bets they can place on hot odds
  • Articles and FAQ: Here, users will have access to hot odds betting tips 1×2 and answers to frequently asked questions

On the homepage, hot odds present a wide range of information for its users. This information includes the following:

Hot odds homepageA list of all sports featured on the site and the number of matches scheduled for the current day under each sport. When users click on the individual sport, they can view the different countries hosting the scheduled matches for that sport. To see a list of competitions in each host country, users need to click on the host country.

Live events section: Here, users will be able to view events that are live at any given time. Details that are available for users include:

  • Name of the match
  • Time that the match is scheduled to start
  • Name of the sport, the host country and the name of the competition
  • Betting odds for the match for home, away and draw
  • Arrows showing whether the odds have increased or dropped
  • Number of bookmakers who have placed odds for the match

Dropping odds highlights: This section shows statistics on dropping odds. Here, users will be able to see:
Hotodds dropping odds

  • Names of upcoming matches
  • When the matches are scheduled to begin
  • Betting odds for away, home and draw
  • Name of the sport, which country is hosting the match and the name of the competition
  • A dynamic display of odds trends – This is updated live and hot odds uses different colors to show changes in odds. It uses green arrows showing rising odds and red arrows to show dropping odds
  • Number of bookers that have placed odds

From the homepage, users can view comprehensive stats about live matches by clicking on the link embedded on the name of the match from the live events or dropping the odds section. When they do so, a match-specific page is opened where they can view a table with stats on odds and match summary. In each of these sections, users will be able to find the following information:

Under odds: Users will view:

  • A limited list of bookmakers who have placed odds for the match – to view the entire list, users are required to register
  • Odds that each bookmaker has placed for the match, with arrows showing whether the odds are rising or dropping
  • The percentage payout rate for each bookmaker
  • Stats on average, highest and probability for home, away and draw odds

The odds page is quite dynamic and users can view odds for different types of bets by clicking on a small ‘More Bets’ button located top right of the table. This button provides a down menu showing the various kinds of bets available. When a user clicks on their chosen bet type, the stats on the table change to reflect bookmakers that allow bettors to place bets for the selected bet type and the respective odds for that bet type. Some of the bet types that users will be able to view after clicking the ‘More Bets’ button include:

  • Correct score
  • European handicap
  • The first team to score
  • Both teams to score
  • Last team to score
  • To win both halves
  • To qualify
  • To win to nil
  • To win from behind
  • To keep a clean sheet

Under match summary, users will find the following info:

  • Match overview for the teams that are playing live. For instance, for football, users will be able to view stats on live attacks, dangerous attacks, and possession
  • Types of Bets on Hots odds

Hotodds 1x2 odds comparisonOn Hot odds, users can place different bets for their favorite sports and competitions. These include:

  • 1×2 bets that have three possibilities – but are on the final result of a match
  • Under/over bets which are on the number of goals scored in a match. Under means betting on below a set number of goals while over means betting beyond the set goals
  • Asian handicap bets where users bet on two choices
  • 12 bets that are on the final match outcome with two possibilities – draws are not included
  • Correct score where users bet on the actual, correct score at the end of a match
  • The first team to score where users bet on the team that scores first
  • Both teams to score where users can bet that the two teams playing in a match will score
  • Hot odds does not provide any information on prelive football markets


Hot odds offers users a wide range of information about bookmakers. There are about 67 bookmakers on hot odds. The website has a dedicated section for bookmakers that users can access by clicking on the ‘More’ button on the top right of the home page, then on the ‘Bookmakers’ menu. In this section, users will find a list of bookmakers such as Bet365 that partner with the site. On this list, users can find information such as:

Hot odds bookmakers

  • Name and logo of the bookmaker
  • Bonus offers for each bookmaker
  • Support column that features icons for the bookmarket website link, contact, live stream, live bets and mobile app for each bookmaker
  • A preview button on the details column

Hot odds have a search function on the bookmaker pager that enables users to search bookmakers by language, withdrawal and deposit methods, odd format, currencies and even average payout.

Bookmaker Reviews at Hot Odds

Hot odds provides users with reviews for each bookmaker that it partners with. To read the reviews, users need to go to the details column on the bookmaker list and click on the ‘Preview’ button to view the bookmaker review. On the bookmaker review page, users can view:

  • The bonus offer of the bookmaker
  • The bookmaker’s bet limits
  • Languages that the bookmaker’s website is available in
  • The format that the bookmaker uses in its odds
  • The payment method that the bookmaker accepts for deposits and withdrawals
  • Credit cards that users can use on the bookmaker

Besides the bookmaker reviews, there are no bookmaker ratings on hot odds.

Bookmaker Ads

Hot odds does feature bookmaker ads on its website page. On the home page, users will see bookmaker ads on the right side and on the bottom of the page.

Hot Odds Customization

Hot odds makes it possible for users to create their personal accounts. A ‘Register’ button is placed on top of the hope page and users can register by entering their personal details or via their facebook or google accounts.

Hot odds registrationUpon registration, users can add their favorite teams, league or events to their account. There is a favorite function on the site that users can only access by registering or logging into their accounts. However, hot odds do not allow users to betslip.


Hot odds seems not to have popular bets and bet calculator. However, there are several other functions that the website provides to users to enhance their betting chances. These are:

Dropping odds: The most common functionality tool available to users of Hot odds is the dropping odds tool. Featuring prominently on the home page and designed to update regularly, dropping odds enables Hot odds users to track how the value of odds is changing in real-time. In its dictionary, hot odds guide users on how to use dropping odds to their advantage. According to the site, when large amounts of money are placed on the favorite team of players, the odds of that team or play will start to drop. Users can maximize on dropping odds by using trends to identify the best bets – on the website, or is used to mark such odds are.

Search functions: These appear on several pages. For instance, on the bookmaker’s list page, there is a search function on the top part of the page that users can use to find their preferred bookmaker. On the top left of the home page, just below the main menu buttons, users will find a search tool. With this tool, hot odds users are able to search for the information they need on the website.

Select buttons: These appear on the top part of the home page and include odds selection, language and time zone selection buttons. With these buttons, users can be able to filter the stats they want to see on the hot odds based on the region, time zone and even pick the language they wish to view the information in.

Hot Odds Live Betting

On hot odds, users cannot be able to bet live. Though from the home page users can view a list of live events and view the live odds for each match that is on going, there seems not to be a way for users to place live bets on the individual match pages. Instead, these pages only provide stats on scores for each of the playing team and the progress of the game – whether its on first half or second half for the football sport.

Odds update speed

Hot odds does not provide information on how fast an odds update is undertaken. Though the table showing match-specific stats is dynamic, only one column seems to be updated regularly. This is the payout column on the far end. Users will see a clock icon and when they place a cursor on it, they’ll be able to tell when it was last updated. For the odds section, a click takes you to the bookmaker’s website.

Hot Odds Live Widgets

Hot odds does have a widgets section whose button is located on the bottom of the page. The button opens to a widget page that provides options for creating widgets for various things including ‘All games’, ‘In-play games’, ‘Dropping odds’ and ‘Streaks’. It is however not clear whether the widgets that users create on this page are live.

Odds History

Hot odds seem not to have an archive section with an odds history, odds archive or results history.

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