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EasyOdds is one of the leading UK-based odds comparison sites that mostly features horse racing odds and UK bookies. The site does not just offer odds comparison to users, it also features links to free bets, offers, and betting tips. The site covers a wide range of sports. In total, users can expect to find 15 sports and an additional special odds category that features TV, politics, and novelty.


  • Number of sports 18
  • Number of bookmakers 13
  • Prelive football markets 85
  • Live odds
  • Bet calculator
  • Odds Update Speed Instant
  • Personal account
  • Players сommunity
  • Favourite league/team
  • Favourite event
  • Betting tips
  • Hints
  • Betslip creation
  • Results
  • Live Widget/Stats
  • Odds archive
  • Prelive odds history
  • Popular bets
  • Odds format UK
  • Bookmakers' rating
  • Bookmakers review
  • Advertisement prevalence
  • Main Bookmaker

Easyodds Sports

Information on the easyodds website is organized into four key categories that appear as main menus on the website. These are:
Easyodds homepage

  • Sports
  • Betting Tips
  • Free Bets
  • Offers

On easy odds homepage, users will be able to access a wide range of betting and sports information. Here are the sections that users will find on this page:

A News Slide – Easyodds opens with a betting news slide that features the best odds and betting tips for the day. From its design, the slide features four different matches and users are able to see the betting odds for each featured match and the participating teams.

A Next Games section: In this section, easyodds provides a list of upcoming games from different sports. Looking at the list, users will be able to tell:

  • What time the game is scheduled to start
  • The sport involved – from the icon provided
  • The teams that will be playing in the match

Easyodds odds comparisonTo view more details about an upcoming game, users are expected to click on a link embedded in the teams. A match specific page opens where users can view betting odds for the match selected. From this page, users will be able to see view the following information:

  • An odds comparison table for the match – users can use buttons located at the top of the table to view odds for different bet types like fulltime results, draw no bet, half time/ full time, Result / Both teams to score, etc. Users can click on the ‘More Markets’ button to view a complete list of bet types available
  • Bookmakers that have placed odds for the match
  • Odds that each bookmaker has placed on the match for the home, away and draw
  • Free bets offered by different bookmakers, including amounts
  • Whether the bookmakers featured have offers available or not
  • Color codes showing best odds, shortening, and lengthening
  • A button labeled ‘Other Matches’ on the top right where users can view odds comparison tables for other matches

A Next Races Section: In this section, users will be able to see a list of upcoming horse racing events. Information available includes:

  • Time the race is scheduled to start
  • Sport icon
  • Name of the race

If users want to view betting odds for the racing event, they are expected to click on the name of the race to open a race-specific page. Some of the details that easy odds users will be able to view on the race-specific page include:

  • Bet types available for the race e.g win and each way or to be placed
  • Bookmakers who have placed odds for the race
  • Bookmakers that have offers or free bets, including amounts for free bets
  • Names of racers participating in the race
  • An odds comparison table showing odds that each bookmaker has placed for each racer
  • Color coding for best odds, shortening or lengthening
  • A ‘Next Race’ button on the top right from where users can view odds comparison tables for other races

Easyodds betting tipsPopular Bets Betting Tips: Here, easyodds provides a list of upcoming events that are popular. The list features both sporting events and special category events such as TV. On the list, users will be able to see name of the event and the date it is scheduled to take place and a ‘Bet Now’ Button.

Users who want to place a bet for the event are required to click on the ‘Bet Now’ to open the odds comparison table. Here, they will be able to view:

  • Bookmakers that place bets on the events, their offers and free bets
  • Relevant bet types and odds for each player/team of parameter
  • Color codes on best odds, lengthening or shortening

Trending Bets: Here, easyodds.com users will be able to view a list of bets that are trending for the current day. Details available here include date and time for the event, the name of the event and the ‘Bet Now’ button. Users who wish to view odds comparison for the listed events are expected to click on the respective ‘Bet Now’ button to see bookmakers and the odds they’ve placed on the event.

Most Read Tips: Users will find links to the articles that have been read most. At most, easyodds provides links to four articles at any given time. Some information that users can expect to find on featured articles includes betting tips, predictions, odds for the featured events and previews.

Featured explanations: While this section is not labeled this way, easy odds has added an information section on the website where it explains what it does using specific terms in the world of betting. Some of the terms the site explains here are:

  • Best Betting odds
  • New customer offers
  • Free bets
  • Bonus codes
  • New betting sites
  • Betting tips

On the right side of the home page, users will be able to find highlights of bet of the day, trending now and daily long shot. Users can view odds comparison for each of these highlights by clicking on the ‘Bet Now’ buttons provided. Easyodds does not provide details about prelive football markets.

Bookmakers at Easyodds

Easyodds partners with about 20 bookmakers. The website provides details about those bookmakers on its ‘Free Bets’ and ‘Offers’ sections of the website. On the ‘Free Bets’ section, easyodds features a submenu at the top where users can use to filter bookmakers based on free bets, offers, and preview.

Bookmaker Reviews and Ratings

Easyodds features bookmaker reviews and ratings to help users make an informed decision on which bookmaker to work with. To read the reviews, easyodds.com users need to go to ‘Free Bets’ on the main menu, then click on ‘Reviews’ on the submenu placed on top of the page. On the reviews page, users will be able to view:
Easyodds bookie reviews

  • Name and logo of the featured bookmaker
  • A brief description of the bookmaker
  • A link to their review
  • Star rating of the bookmaker

To read a full review of the bookmaker, users need to click on the ‘Read our Review’ button. A page with a complete review of the bookmaker opens from which users can find information such as:

  • Logo, name and star rating of the bookmaker
  • An introduction to the bookmaker
  • Details of the bookmaker’s free bets, welcome bonuses, and sign-up bonus offers
  • How to deposit and withdraw money from the bookmaker
  • Bookmaker’s special bets and live streaming
  • Advise on how to bet responsibly with the bookmaker
  • Details on bookmaker’s odds including commission percentages

Bookmaker Ads

Easyodds bookmaker offersEasyodds offers numerous spots for bookmaker ads. On its homepage, the website features bookmaker adverts on both the right and left side of the page. Scrolling down the homepage, users will find an ad section where the website provides buttons to filter adverts to feature those that have free bets, offers, and casinos. The site has created mini buttons on the right side of the page labeled ‘Free Bets’, ‘Offers’ and ‘Casino’ for this purpose.

Easyodds also has an ad bar at the end of the home page. Other areas where users are likely to find bookmaker ads are match-specific pages and betting tips pages.


Easyodds provides opportunities for users to create their own personal accounts. According to the information availed on the website, easyodds.com encourages registration of bettors for various reasons. These include:

  • Opportunity to access more than 20 bookmakers on the site
  • Opportunity for a single sign-up with the bookmakers that partner with the site
  • To get betting tips from experts
  • To receive an alert horse service on a daily basis
  • There are no additional fees on the site

Easyodds sign upBesides these benefits, easyodds allows users to create betslips. To do this, users have to register with the site and log in to their accounts. They then need to go to the odds comparison table for the match they are interested in and use the easy odds bet basket feature to create their betslips. With the betslip, users can be able to compare as well as review multiple bet selections they have made.

Other than these customization opportunities, easy odds does not provide users with opportunities to customize their accounts by adding their favorite teams, leagues or events.

Easyodds Functionality

Easy odds provides a few functions to help bettors increase their chances of better betting outcomes. While the site does not provide sophisticated functions such as sure bets, dropping odds, popular bets and value bets, users can still use the following functions for better betting results:

Best odds: On the odds comparison table, easy odds uses color codes to highlight best odds placed by bookies.

Bet of the day: The site highlights the bet of the day on the homepage a long side the daily long shot that could help users improve their winning chances.

Betting tips: The site offers users a wide range of betting tips including predictions, outright and odd previews to help users make better betting decisions.

Live Betting

Easyodds does not feature live scores for live matches, neither does it have live widgets.

Odds History

Unlike other odds comparison sites, easyodds does not have an archive section. As such, users will not be able to view odds or results history.

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