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Checkbestodds is a sports betting website that provides bettors with odds comparison, sure bets calculator and dropping odds. This simple website features odds for four key sports namely football, hockey, baseball, and tennis. According to information on the site, checkbestodds provides bettors with an opportunity to view the best odds so they can maximize their wins in betting.

The site also claims that it only displays odds comparison from well known and trusted bookmakers without paying too much attention to how many bookmakers it works with. Rather, it places a lot of emphasis on their reliability. As such, users can pick odds from bookmakers listed on the site without being concerned about risk.


  • Number of sports 3
  • Number of bookmakers 23
  • Prelive football markets 14
  • Live odds
  • Bet calculator
  • Odds Update Speed Instant
  • Personal account
  • Players сommunity
  • Favourite league/team
  • Favourite event
  • Betting tips
  • Hints sure bets, dropping odds
  • Betslip creation
  • Results
  • Live Widget/Stats
  • Odds archive
  • Prelive odds history
  • Popular bets
  • Odds format EU / UK
  • Bookmakers' rating
  • Bookmakers review
  • Advertisement prevalence
  • Main Bookmaker

Sports at Checkbestodds

Checkbestodds main pageThe information on the checkbestodds website is organized into several sections. Its homepage is pretty simple and features information such as:

  • Data on the number of football, tennis and hockey odds available on the website
  • Number of bookmakers who place odds on the site
  • Link to a list of sure bets
  • Link to sure bets alert service
  • Link to a sign-up page
  • A login section and a signup button
  • A search button that allows users to search for teams or players

On the main menu, users will find the following buttons and information:

Sure bets: Here, checkbestodds provides users with betting tools to help them win on every bet they place. When users click this button, they will find several sub-menus with the following information:

Checkbestodds sure bets calculatorSure bet calculator: Checkbestodds provides a sure bet calculator that helps users check odds to see whether they provide a surebet opportunity. According to information on the page, bettors can use the sure bet calculator fast to calculate the most accurate stakes for every outcome of their surebet. Using a sure bets calculator guarantees bettors a profit irrespective of the final outcome of a game. Users can use the sure bet calculator for two way sure bets like over/under as well as three-way bets where there are the possible outcomes are three – like win, loss and draw. To pick their preferred surebet, users only need to click the right button on the sure bet calculator to switch mode.

Alert: On this page, checkbestodds provides users with information on how to create a sure bets calculator email alert so they can receive information about a surebet as soon as it is found. When creating their email accounts, users are expected to define their sure bets alert criteria. This includes providing information such as profit range, the overall stake, time range for getting the alerts, match time range, omitted bookmakers, required bookmakers, sure bet types and excluded leagues.

Stats: Here, users will be able to view current surebets stats for the last 30 days. There are 2 tables on the page, one showing the number of sure bets each bookmaker has for each sport and the second one showing the average profit. With these stats, users can get valuable insights to help in choosing bookies for sports bets. However, they’ll need to place bets with several bookmakers in order to make money with surebets. The page has a link to sure bets dependence charts.

Archive: Here, users will find an archive of sure bets for the last 5 days. Users can use the ‘Data Filter’ button to explore the archive history in order to view sure bets they want. Users can also choose which bookmakers and sports they wish to view as well as the profit range for the surebets. On the sure bets list, users will be able to see:

  • The sport and sure bet time
  • Duration data
  • Profit margin expressed as a percentage
  • Type of sure bet
  • Name of the match
  • A clickable button labeled ‘show’ – when users click on this link, they’ll find additional information such as sure bet odds and bookmaker

Checkbestodds dropping odds statisticsDropping odds: Here, checkbestodds users will find stats on dropping odds for tennis, football, baseball, and ice hockey. The site tracks dropping odds for all leading bookmakers. Since dropping odds occur when too many people place bets on a specific outcome – the bets that are placed exceed the bookmaker predicted. With the stats on dropping odds, users can place their bets on outcomes with bookmakers who have not yet followed market trends. Some of the information that users will be able to pick from the dropping odds table include:

  • Match time and teams playing in the match
  • Bet type
  • Odds change – with a red arrow facing down for dropping odds
  • Percentage odds drop

Bookmakers: Here, checkbestodds provides users with bookmaker information and stats. There are three submenus under this menu namely:

Margins ranking: This section allows users to see bookmakers that place the best odds. These margins make bookmaker profits for any sporting event predictable irrespective of the final outcome. As a practice, lower margins tend to lead to higher odds in offers placed by bookmakers. As such, it is best to place bets on the lowest margins. Users will be able to view a table that shows:

  • Position of the bookmaker on the margins ranking
  • Name of the bookmaker
  • Average margins

Sports buttons for Football, Tennis, and Hockey: Under these menus, users will be able to see a list of countries that participate in each sport and competitions that are featured for each spot. On the sport-specific pages, users will find details such as:

  • Type of odds available on the site for each sport
  • Number of competitions and countries covered by the site
  • Stats on odds saved on the site
  • Top matches tables showing date and time for matches, teams participating in the match and best odds for home, away and draw
  • Next match tables showing date and time for a scheduled match, participating teams and best odds for away, home and draw


Checkbestodds has a dedicated section for bookmakers. Based on information on the site, checkbestodds works with 22 bookmakers. To get bookmaker information, users need to go to the Bookmakers button on the homepage. Here, they’ll find information such as:

Checkbestodds bookmakers margin rankingBookmaker margins ranking for football, hockey, baseball, and tennis: The margin ranking appearing in this section is based on odds comparisons for the past 30 days. On the ranking table, users will be able to see bookmakers whose odds are dropping or rising based on the appearance of red and green arrows. The page has a separate table for each sport and users can see stats on the number of margins that the ranking is based on.

Sports betting wins: Here, users will find information on how best to maximize their bets. Users will find interesting advice on how to use the sure bets calculator, picking bookmakers, how to use bonuses and promotions.

Tennis rules: Rules that different bookmakers have set to guiding betting for tennis lovers.

Bookmaker reviews, ratings, and ads

Checkbestodds seems not to provide bookmaker reviews and ratings. Though the site claims to work with the most reliable bookmakers, there is very little information to help users determine which bookmaker among those featured on the site is best to bet with. Also, checkbestodds does not feature bookmaker ads on the website.

Checkbestodds Customization

Checkbestodds registrationCheckbestodds provides users with an opportunity to create their own personal accounts. Users can do so by clicking on the green button located on the top right of the homepage to sign up. By registering with the site, users get full access to the sure bets section of the website. Other opportunities that the website creates for users to customize the website include:

  • Creating sure bet calculator email alerts so they can receive information about sure bets
  • Setting up an alert service for dropping odds

For users who would like to feature betting tools on their websites, checkbestodds allows them to customize their widgets. Some of the widgets that the site features are dropping odds, sure bet calculator, surebets and next matches.

However, checkbestodds do not provide users with opportunities to customize their accounts by adding their favorite events, teams or leagues. It is also not possible for users to create betslips on the site.


Checkbestodds provides users with several tools to enable them to place winning bets every time they go betting. There are various odds formats that users can use on the website. These include:

  • Half time odds
  • Under/Over 1.5 odds
  • Under/Over 2.5 goals
  • Final results odds
  • Under/Over 3.5 odds
  • Half Time under/over 1.5 odds

Though the site does not show users popular bets, it makes the following tools available for them to enhance their betting outcomes:

Sure bets calculator: With the sure bets calculator, users are able to check and see whether the odds provided create surebet opportunities. The sure bets calculator makes it easy for users to quickly compute the right stakes for every outcome on their bet. This ensures that they get a profit irrespective of what the final outcome of a match is. To ensure users remain on top of things, the website sends sure bet calculator email alerts to registered users.

Dropping odds: This helps users know which bookmakers have not followed market trends yet so they can increase their winning chances. The site also provides statistics on dropping odds to help users determine the best way to benefit from dropping odds.

Bookmarker margins tracking: The site helps users identify bookmakers who place the best odds in matches so they can increase their chances of better profits. From the margins ranking, users are able to find bookmakers offering low margins as these produce higher odds in an offer.

Live Betting

Checkbestodds does not provide live scores or odds. However, the site offers users live widgets that they can customize by going to the widget’s page. The link to this page is available at the bottom of the home page. Users will find widgets for sure bets, dropping odds, sure bet calculator and next matches.

Checkbestodds Odds History

On checkbestodds, yours will be able to view archived odds. There are several archives that users can access on the site. They include:

  • Sure bets calculator archive that shows a list of surebets for the last seven days
  • Football, hockey and tennis odds

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