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Betmonitor Introduction

Betmonitor is an odds comparison and betting website that features interesting stats to aid bettors in their quest for profitable bets. Based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Betmonitor features odds and stats for 22 sports.


  • Number of sports 19
  • Number of bookmakers 36
  • Prelive football markets 12
  • Live odds
  • Bet calculator
  • Odds Update Speed every 5 minutes
  • Personal account
  • Players сommunity
  • Favourite league/team
  • Favourite event
  • Betting tips
  • Hints sure bets, dropping odds
  • Betslip creation
  • Results
  • Live Widget/Stats
  • Odds archive
  • Prelive odds history
  • Popular bets
  • Odds format EU
  • Bookmakers' rating
  • Bookmakers review
  • Advertisement prevalence
  • Main Bookmaker


The way this website organizes information is not obvious because it does not have the main menu. However, the website has a blue section on the top right labeled ‘Betmonitor’ where users can find links to:

  • Dashboard – which is the home page
  • Odds comparison
  • Dropping odds
  • Sure bets

On the Betmonitor home page, users will be able to view the following details:

Match of the Day: This appears as a brief caption on an image that advertises Betmonitor. In the ad, Betmonitor invites users to explore more than 3377 events. On the match of the day brief, users will be able to see:

  • The date and time of the featured match
  • Teams that will be playing in the featured match
  • Name of the sport, host country, and competition
  • Number of bookmakers that have placed bets for the featured match
  • Betting odds for home, draw and away
  • Names of bookmakers that have placed the highest bets and the odds they have placed

Featured Events: In this section, users will be able to view details of upcoming sporting events. The site lists a few of these events then provides a link at the end of the table that users can click to view the entire list. On the top right of this table, Betmonitor provides buttons that enable users to view featured events for different sports. From the table of featured events, users will find details such as:

  • The day, date and time that the scheduled event will take place
  • The number of bookmakers that have placed odds for the featured event
  • Teams that will face each other during the event
  • Name of the sport, the country hosting the event and the name of the competition
  • Betting odds for home, draw and away
  • Names of bookmakers that have placed the highest odds for the event alongside odds that each of these bookmakers has placed

Betmonitor dropping odds sectionDropping Odds: Here, users will be able to view trends on the dropping value of odds in real-time. In addition to event details such as when the match will take place, where it will take place and the teams that will be playing in the event, users will be able to view:

  • Changes in odds and by how many points odds drop by – this is shown using a red arrow and the value of odds drop is written in red
  • A graphical presentation of the odds drop – this is red and by placing the cursor there, users will be able to see the progressive drop in odds
  • Percentage drop in odds value

At the top right of the dropping odds table, users will be able to click on their preferred market – in this case, Betmonitor only features data for the European and Asian markets. Users can click on the ‘See more Dropping Odds’ button at the end of the table to view a comprehensive list.

Upcoming Events: In this section, users get to see a list of events that will be coming up in the coming days. As such, users will see:

  • The date, time and day the scheduled event will take place
  • The name of the sport, the country where the event will take place and the name of the competition that the event is participating in
  • Type of bets and their respective odds
  • Number of bookies placing odds in the event and
  • The bookies that have placed odds and their betting odds

Users can view sport-specific upcoming events by picking their preferred sport on the top right part of this section. Also, users who wish to view a complete list of upcoming events can do so by clicking on the ‘upcoming events’ list at the bottom of the section.

Recommended Bookmakers: Betmonitor features several bookmakers as recommendations to users. It is not clear though, which criteria the site uses to determine bookmakers to recommend.

Last Goals: On the left side of the home page, users will find a section that features stats on matches that are ongoing. From the table presented here, users will find information such as:

  • Match play time – this is shown in red and is updated in real-time
  • Teams that are playing at that particular time
  • Live scores of the matches listed
  • Name of the sport, where it is being played (country) and the competition that the teams are participating in
  • Playing progress – whether the match is in the first or second half in the case of football

Betmonitor main page odds navigatorOdds Navigator: This appears as a button on the top right of the home page. Users can click on this button to view a complete list of sports that are featured on Betmonitor. When a user clicks on their favorite sport, the are able to view a list of the most popular competitions in the sport and countries that participate in the sport. Users can click on individual countries to view competitions that the country participates in. From the odds navigator section, users can view betting odds for individual sporting competition by:

  • Going to the sport of their choice
  • Picking the country of their interest
  • Picking the competition of choice

Once done, a competition table is displayed with information on scheduled matches including:

  • The date, day and time of the match
  • Name of sport, name of the host country and the name of the competition
  • Participating teams
  • Number of bookmakers that have placed odds for the match and the total number of odds placed
  • Types of bets available for each match and their respective betting odds
  • Logos of the teams playing in the match

Betmonitor odds comparisonTo view the odds comparison for each match, users are expected to click on the event name (teams playing). The match specific page will display a list of all bookmakers that have placed odds for the game, their respective odds and their percentage payout rate. For live matches, users will be able to view live scores. The odds comparison table updates in real-time and users can be able to see which bookmakers are offering the best odds for home, away and draw.

Discover sure bets: This section is located on the far top right part of Betmonitor. Here, users will find a sure bet for each featured match including:

  • Sure bet profit expressed as a percentage
  • Teams participating in the featured event
  • Type of sport, the country that is hosting the event and the name of the competition
  • Type of bet, name of the bookmaker and the respective odds they have placed for the match

Betmonitor esports bettingBetmonitor News: This section has a slide featuring sports images and odds comparison on esports betting captions. When you click on the ‘All News’ link below it, a new page opens. However, the page does not contain news articles or videos. Rather, it features titles with very brief information. For instance, under esports betting, the website only has a single statement asking users not to look anywhere else, Betmonitor offers the most offers on eSports betting odds.

Betmonitor does not provide information about pre-live football markets on its site.

Bookmakers at Betmonitor

Though users can be able to view a list of bookmakers who place the odds that are listed on the various match specific pages, the site does not have a dedicated page for bookmakers. As such, it is difficult to tell how many bookmakers Betmonitor partners with. The site does not feature bookmaker reviews hence users will not be able to view details of bookmakers that place odds on their favorite matches.

Bookmaker Ads

Betmonitor features very few bookmaker ads on its website. The only area where the site features bookmaker ads is the sure bets section on the homepage. Other areas where bookmakers get mentions that advertise them is the recommended bookmakers section of the home page.


Based on information available on Betmonitor, the website offers limited customization options for users. While it is possible to create a personal website on the website, it is not clear whether users can be able to add their favorite teams, league or events to their accounts. Also, the site does not allow users to create betslips.

Betmonitor Functionality

Betmonitor provides users with several tools to help them increase their chances of getting the best possible betting outcomes. These tools include:

Sure Bet Calculator: To use these tools, users need to go to the menu on the blue section on the top left side of the home page, then go to the ‘Sure Bet’ sub-menu. On the sure bet page, users will find the sure bet calculator on the top right and a list of sure bets. The sure bets list features upcoming events complete with the betting odds. It also shows which two bookmakers have placed the highest odds for the match and the value of those odds.

Betmonitor surebetsOn the profit column, users will be able to see the percentage profit. To calculate the sure bet profit percentage for different matches, users only need to click on the calculator icon that appears on the profit column. The odds and bookmaker information is updated on the main calculator on the top right of the page, users can then enter the amount they want to bet and the tool will auto-calculate the sure bet profit margin for them. Users can use the buttons on top of the sure bet table to filter stats they want to see based on sport, bet type and match time.

Dropping odds: Betmonitor has a whole section dedicated to dropping odds. Users can access this section by going to the main menu and clicking on the ‘dropping odds’ sub-menu. On the dropping odds page, users will be able to see which odds are dropping and for which matches. According to Betmonitor, odds for each event keep changing as the day progresses. Some outcomes attract heavy backing causing their odds to drop. The website makes those odds visible using charts and colored text. Users can use this information to find bookmakers that do not update their betting odds.

The site does not show popular bets.

Live Betting

Betmonitor does only provide users with live odds for a few select matches that appear on the ‘Last Goal’ section of the home page. As such, it does not support live betting. There are no live widgets and other than the constant updating of dropping odds and a few live scores which happens every minute, it is not clear how soon the site updated betting odds.

Odds History

The website does not provide prelive odds. It also does not archive match results and betting odds.

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