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BetBrain is a free odds listing site that enables users to compare sports odds from different bookmakers across the world. On this site, users can compare betting odds for both in running events and upcoming matches. According to the website, the brain betting odds displayed on BetBrain are updated automatically through cooperation with respective bookmakers. Using the betting information provided on this website, users can get the best bet prices possible.


  • Number of sports 31
  • Number of bookmakers 69
  • Prelive football markets 71
  • Live odds
  • Bet calculator
  • Odds Update Speed Instant
  • Personal account
  • Players сommunity
  • Favourite league/team
  • Favourite event
  • Betting tips
  • Hints sure bets
  • Betslip creation
  • Results
  • Live Widget/Stats
  • Odds archive
  • Prelive odds history
  • Popular bets
  • Odds format EU / UK / US / MA / IN / HK
  • Bookmakers' rating
  • Bookmakers review
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Sports at BetBrain

BetBrain features lists betting odds for some 30 sports. The information on the website is generally organized in 4 main sections – presented as buttons on the home page. These are:
Betbrain homepage

  • Sure bets
  • Bookmakers
  • Blog
  • Bookie offers

BetBrain’s home page is perhaps the most information-intensive on the website. From this section of the site, users will be able to view information such as:

Links to live and next matches – these are color-coded, the ‘Live’ button is in red while the ‘Next’ matches button is in green.

When users click on the ‘Live’ button, they will be able to view a table showing all sporting matches that are being played at that particular moment. At the top of the page is a menu with icons and names of different sports – users can click on their sport of choice to narrow the matches displayed to that single sport. Information that users will find on the live page include:

  • Live scores of the match that is currently being played
  • Names of the teams participating in the match, the country that is hosting the match and the season
  • Type of bets for each match
  • Betting odds for home, draw and away including the highest odds that are presented in bold
  • Name and logo of the bookmaker that has placed the odds

Betbrain home away odds comparisonBetBrain Pro users can view detailed betting stats by clicking on the link embedded in the teams playing in the match. Some interesting stats that users will be able to view when they do so are a list of all bookies that placed odds on the match for the home, draw and away and average, highest, and probability stats. The odds on this page are dynamic and users will be able to see how they are rising and dropping due to the color coding and direction of arrows.

Under the ‘Next’ button, users will find a detailed table with icons for different sports on the top of the page. Further, users will find details such as:

  • Date and time of upcoming matches
  • Names of teams that will be participating in the matches, name of competition, season and host country
  • Type of bets for each match
  • Betting odds for each match including the highest bet available
  • Name and logo of the bookmaker that has placed the odds
  • An advert slide that features 3 bookmaker ads on any given moment

List of sports covered by the website. When BetBrain Pro users click on a sport, they will be able to view:

  • An expanded list of countries that host matches for the sport
  • A comprehensive section on betting odds for the sport selection presented in a table format

At the top of the table, users will see the name of the competition. A list of upcoming matches under that competition will be displayed in a table format, allowing users to view information such as:

  • Date and time of the scheduled match
  • Teams playing in the upcoming match
  • Betting odds for the match for away, home and draw. Alongside the odds, users will be able to see which bookmaker has placed the odds
  • A list of popular leagues and the season

When BetBrain Pro users click on a league on this list, they will get an option to access two sub-sections namely matches and outrights. On the matches’ section, users will be able to see:

  • An odds table showing the different scheduled matches
  • Teams that will be playing in the match
  • Date and time for the scheduled match
  • Value of the highest bet available for each match for the home, away and draw
  • The name of the bookmaker placing each odds

Users can filter information on this page using the buttons located at the top of the tables that are essentially the type of bet. If they choose to view outrights, users will be able to view a list outright betting odds based on competition parameters such as winners, top scorers, rock bottom etc for the football sport. If users choose to click on any outright betting odds on the list, they will be able to view details such as:

  • Outcome – which is the name of the team that won
  • Number of bookies that placed clean sheet odds in matches involving the team
  • Average odds and the highest odds

BetBrain users can view bookie and odds information for each outcome by clicking on the name of the team. The information they see per outcome viewed will include name and logo of bookmakers, a clickable special offer icon and the highest clean sheet odds each bookmaker placed on matches involving the teams.

From this page, users can navigate to other outright odds using the buttons located on the top of the page.

BetBrain Pro does not provide any information about prelive football markets.

BetBrain Bookmakers

Betbrain online bookmakersBetBrain has a dedicated section for bookmakers. To access this page, users need to go to the main menu and click on the ‘Bookmakers’ icon. According to the website, the bookmakers listed on this page are among the best. BetBrain features a list of about 90 bookmakers on its website. On the list of bookmakers, users will find the name and logo of the featured bookmaker, the offer by the bookmaker and a ‘Bet Here’ button.

Bookmaker Reviews

BetBrain provides detailed bookmaker reviews. From the bookmaker section of the website, users can access the review of each bookmaker listed on the site by clicking on the ‘Read More’ link located just below the ‘Bet Here’ button on the right side of the page. On the bookmaker review page, users will find the following information about the bookmaker:

  • Reasons to use the bookmaker
  • Bonus offers that the bookmaker offers users
  • Countries where the bookmaker operates
  • Betting services that the bookmaker offers
  • Deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Details on how users can open accounts with the bookmaker
  • The pros and cons of using the bookmaker

It is worth noting that not all bookmakers listed on the Bet Brain website have comprehensive reviews. Some of them only have bonus offer information on their review page.

Bookmaker Ads at BetBrain

BetBrain seems to have set spaces where bookmaker ads are featured. On the home page, the website has dedicated a significant section to ads – causing them to appear on top of the page, above the ‘Live Events’ section.

On the match-specific pages, Bet Brain features bookmaker ads on the top part of the page and the right side of the page. At the bottom of the page, BetBrain has a section called ‘Recommended Bonus’ where it displays a detailed ad by one of its bookmakers.


Bet Brain allows users to create their own accounts. According to the site, registered users are able to customize their accounts by tailoring the following preferences:

  • Bookie display
  • Favorite leagues and tournaments
  • Odds format

The website has an email service that allows it to send offers directly to users who subscribe to the site. Users can customize the website to their preferred language and time zone. The website does not allow users to create betslips.

BetBrain Functionality

BetBrain seems to have limited functions. Some of the functions available on the website include:

Betbrain surebetsSure Bets: Users can access a dedicated page for this from the main menu on the home page. However, users can only use this function by registering and purchasing a plan on BetBrain. The site offers two plans with the first one costing 50 Euro per month. With this plan, users can place sure bets with all the bookmakers on the site, exchange bets and earn a 10% guaranteed profit on their bets. The second sure bet plan is priced at 125 Euro per month. With this plan, users are guaranteed a 15% profit on the amounts they bet. It also allows users to exchange bets and bet with all the bookmakers listed on the website. Both plans offer discounts to users who purchase for a whole year.

Search Function: The site features a search tool on the top left of the home page. With this tool, users can search for the information they need on the website.

Data filter tool: The site provides filter tools to users to enable them to narrow the information they want to view. For instance, on the ‘next match’ page, Bet Brain allows users to filter information based on date, hours, sport, bet type along with the bet provider. After filtering the stats, BetBrain allows users to save their selections.

On BetBrain, users will not be able to find popular bets or bet calculators.

Live Betting

Betbrain live eventsBetBrain provides users with live scores on the live page. The site also provides live odds for each match. However, it is not clear how often the live odds on the live match section are updated. Even so, users can place bets on ongoing matches. The site does not have live widgets.

Odds History

BetBrain does not have a section for odds history. This makes it challenging for users to view trends of betting odds placed by bookmakers or archived results to aid their brain betting.

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