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Xscores is a bit of a unique site. Primarily, they simply provide up to date sports scores. But they have a partnership with several casinos, you can access the casinos directly from the site itself. So while it is not a gambling site, it provides access to gambling sites very easily.

This may be why they are so popular, getting 2.27 million hits a month. All you have to do is follow the scores and then go directly to one of the gambling sites they promote whenever you want to place a wager or check on your bets.


  • Number of sports 6
  • Live Text
  • Goal Scorers
  • Favourite league/team
  • Line-ups
  • Match Highlights
  • Goal Videos
  • League Table
  • Head to head (h2h), Last 5
  • Players Statistics
  • Odds
  • Personal Account
  • Pop-ups
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  • Ads

Xscores Markets

This website covers six sports in total – football, tennis, basketball, hockey, American football, and baseball worldwide. If you are interested in other sports, there are many other sites you can go to, which we have reviewed as well. On Xscores, however, their live football coverage is particularly excellent and we recommend checking here first.

Xscores markets

While you can simply go to the sport of your choice by clicking on the easy to understand large links on the homepage, if you scroll down you will find links to the various leagues with the sports themselves. This can help you keep track of multiple events within a league at the same time. It is a handy tool.

They do have a live streaming link for football games at Xscores. Xscores live football is an excellent addition to the site, and is a feature that many similar sites do not have. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to offer much in terms of live streaming for most other sporting events. But if football live streaming is your thing, this is a great spot to catch the action.

The football information on this site is by far the most dense of any sport they cover. It even has a ticker on the screen that counts down both the time left in the game you are watching, and the time until another match starts. They really want to make sure you never miss a moment.

Overall, we find Xscores to be a very comprehensive site with much more information than similar sites. Of course, the downside of this is that they only cover six sports. For all other sport events, you will have to use a site that is not Xscores. That said, the sports they have are the most popular ones so you may never see the need to go elsewhere. But, for example, if you are a rabid fan of field hockey or ice dancing, you won’t find these types of sports at Xscores.

Live Scores

At Xscores, you have live streaming for the majority of the football matches they cover. Of course you can’t have that for every match, but generally when it is possible, you will find them here with one click.

That said, they don’t have any goal videos or match highlights after the match is over. They simply stream the game while it is playing. Given that most live sports update sites don’t have any live streaming at all, we don’t really count against them the fact that they don’t have post-match videos. They also don’t have lists of line-ups which we feel is sorely lacking on Xscores.

But before when we mentioned the links to the gambling sites, those sites generally do have the line-up information. So if you want it, you can find it fairly easily directly from the Xscores website. It’s just a matter of having to click onto another page. A few of the gambling sites they link to also do host goal videos and match highlights as well.

There does not appear to be any live text. This is our term for a room or forum where you can chat with other fans about whatever match you are all watching or following. While other sites do have that feature, this does not strike us as a deal breaker when it comes to using Xscores.Xscores games

They do offer a widget where you can embed Xscores into your own personal website. We think that this might be the reason they have become so popular. If you run a sports blog, you can simply link people to Xscores and they can keep up with the live games directly from your own site.

Please note, however, that not all the games have live streaming. For most games you will simply receive constantly updated information about what’s happening on the field, pitch or court. You will get instant scores and, as well, you will be notified about any flags or cards the referees have demonstrated.

All of this is done in pretty close to real time on a text-based basis. The site is very clear and easy to navigate. Xscores seem like they are real professionals, and they clearly understand what their visitors want in terms of information and live streaming.

Overall, the live streaming of football is one of the key reasons to choose Xscores over other similar sites. It’s a wise investment on their part.

Statistics at Xscores

When it comes to statistics, Xscores does a pretty good job of providing them to you. Simply click on a team and all of the information you want will come up. You will find info on the given game. You will find out what has happened the last few times these teams have played each other. You will get statistics about how both teams have fared against other teams as well, and where they are in the standings in their respective leagues.

Xscores statistics

It all adds up to a wealth of statistics gamblers can use when placing their bets. Meanwhile, you can click on a link to look at the middle range odds on a game as a whole, or an in-game event. These will not be the odds you will actually get if you place a bet; they are the average odds from all over the world. When placing a bet, you may find that you have access to slightly better or slightly worse odds.

But you can then take those odds and click on the various gambling sites that the Xscores website links to. Then you can find the best odds and place your bet. It’s a fairly seamless process and we can easily see it becoming a habit for those who want to make informed bets. So in other words, Xscores is not technically a gambling site, but at the same time they offer easy access to gambling. It’s a neat trick and one that is surely to come in handy for its visitors.

One thing you won’t get, however, is individual player statistics. There are no players’ names listed anywhere for you to click on. We think this is because the gambling sites they link to pretty much all offer player statistics, and that was one thing Xscores did not feel that they had to provide.

Given the streaming, which most sites don’t have, we can forgive them for not including player statistics when you can find them on the sites that they link to.


There is no way to become a member of Xscores, so no sign-up process or account, which means that your customization options are limited. You can set up customization when you visit the site, but if you click away and click back they will all be gone and you will have to start all over again unless you have your internet cookies enabled for the website.

The menu bar right above the scores on each page is where you set up your customization.

You can go to the league page and delete the games you are not interested in to make for a cleaner viewing experience. Then you can also star the games you want to follow to make a kind of personalized dashboard. Should you decide you want to track a game you have deleted, all you need to do is click on “removed matches” and then add it back to your screen (and personal dashboard if you wish). You cannot, however, mark an entire league as a favorite. Instead, you have to go into each league and favorite all of the games for which you want to track the scores.

You can also sort by “All Games” this will remove future games and simply update you on scores for games that are happening on that given day. You can also sort by “Finished” – this will only bring up the scores for games that have already been played. Or you can sort by “Scheduled”, which will only bring up games that have yet to start.

And of course, it is possible to mix and match these settings however you want. You can also click on “Filter” and build a custom filter with whatever information you’d like to have.

They do have some ads on the site, and they cannot be disabled. That said, they do not block the usefulness of the site. On most pages they are on the right and left sides of the screen.

Xscores customization

There are also – as mentioned before – links to gambling sites. However, they are not presented in the form of ads. They are simply a link with the name of the bookie listed. They are not obtrusive at all, and many people will probably find this more of a help than a hindrance.

So while you can’t get rid of ads, they probably won’t affect your interaction with the site at all. Unlike other sites with constant pop ups, they are incredibly easy to avoid. There are no pop ups at all here, so you won’t have to worry about that.

When a team scores a goal (or home run or points), the system will update the score and let you know right away with a notification. But please note that if you click off of the site, you will have to go back to it and let it know again that you want to be watching that particular match.

Overall, while the site is limited to six sports, it covers each of these sports very well. We are particularly impressed by their live streaming of football. Not every site has that.

The links to gambling sites also make this a great resource to use, as you can go directly and place your bet. So while not a gambling site itself, Xscores facilitates gambling fairly well.

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