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SofaScore is the site that all sports tracking sites yearn to be. It is professional, accurate, up to the minute, and has such a wealth of options for all users.

It features at least 22 sports at any given time. We say “at least” because when an important event pops up, it will be temporarily added to the site. So the number of sports you can choose from is literally unlimited.

SofaScore’s football information is among the best in the business. With the ton of information about football on SofaScore just that one category would be enough for most people to be happy with the site.


  • Number of sports 22
  • Live Text
  • Goal Scorers
  • Favourite league/team
  • Line-ups
  • Match Highlights
  • Goal Videos
  • League Table
  • Head to head (h2h), Last 5
  • Players Statistics
  • Odds
  • Personal Account
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SofaScore Markets

The most popular sports are listed in the menu bar at the top of the page. They include football, tennis, hockey, volleyball, handball, motor sport, cricket, rugby, American football and baseball.

Then when you click the “More” tab you get all the unusual and niche sports. And they come in quite a range at SofaScore.

For example, they have bandy, a team winter sport played on ice in which skaters use sticks to direct a ball into the opposing team’s goal. The sport is considered a form of hockey and has a common background with both ice hockey and field hockey.

Sofarscore markets

Then there is floorball, also known as Uni-Hockey, Salibandy, or Innebandy. Floorball is an indoor sport played by both men and women. It is played by a team consisting of five field players and a goalkeeper. The matches of this sport are played in three periods with twenty minutes per period.

You also have futsal, a variant of soccer that is played on a smaller pitch and most often played indoors. Its name is derived from the Portuguese “futebol de salão” and the Spanish “fútbol de salón”, which can be translated as “hall football” or “indoor football”.

You can also search for a given sport by location. Go to the left hand side of the homepage. You’ll find a list of countries. Click on the country your team or sport is from. Then you can click on the sport or the league until you find the game you want to watch.

The sheer breadth of the number of sports you can find on SofaScore is honestly unimaginable anywhere else. And all of it is updated minute by minute so you can get the score you need when you need it.

Sofarscore tennis

SofaScore is not a gambling site, so you can’t place bets here. But it is a much needed accompaniment to any gambling site. And because it is not a gambling site, you can open it up in any country in the world. So if you made a bet in your own country on football, SofaScore will give you info on what’s happening in the game even when you travel to a country that won’t allow you to open up your own gambling site.

We are literally blown away by the amount of data and information available at SofaScore. They really have gotten this down to a science and we are shocked that other sites need to exist. It’s that good.

Live Scores

At SofaScore, you can’t live stream the games. That doesn’t mean, however, that there isn’t video. In fact, there is a lot of video. Most of it is for football games, but you have some for other sports as well.

For example, you can watch goal videos for almost every football event. You can watch match highlights for nearly every football event. Other than watching the game live, you’ll get all the videos you could possibly want. It’s really an excellent system.

You’ll find everything you need to know about match line-ups here as well – from how a given player has been doing lately to how they’ve played against this team in the past, it’s all there. There is a just a metric ton of information for each and every player on each and every team they cover. SofaScore is sort of astounding, really.

Look under the sport menu bar and you will see two tabs. One is for “All” games and one is for “Live” games. Click the live games tab and it will give you access to all of the information you could ever want about whatever games happen to be playing at the moment.

One other interesting thing – when you click on the two-color chart, it will bring back info on “Attack Momentum”. This is there to give you a game analysis of which team is likely to score the next goal and why. This is invaluable information for anyone who likes to gamble. It is also a feature we have not seen on any other site. And you can even embed this on your own website if you want.

Each and every match has a time stamp next to it that shows you at what point in the game they are in. Info on all matches are updated instantly.

When you pick a game to follow, it will automatically ask you if you want constant updates. Just click ‘yes’ and you will receive a notification whenever there is a goal scored or a flag or card is thrown.

As you go through a league, look for the country flags, then click on the flag of your team and you will get more information than you can possibly believe.

Statistics at SofaScore

While SofaScore is not a gambling site, the staff understands that most of the people who use the site also gamble online. And it wants to help them, obviously. So you can click on their “dropping odds” page and get all the wagering information you could possibly need.

Whether in the SofaScore app or on the main page, it will give you continuously updated odds on almost anything you could want to bet on. It will give you odds on the match. It will give you odds on which team will get the next goal. It will give you odds on which player will make the next goal. You’ll get odds on which team is going to foul.

If you are betting on events during a match, this feature is essential – although that’s not to say these are the odds your online bookie will give you. These are independent odds set up by SofaScore. The odds given by an online sports bookie may be higher or lower. What SofaScore is giving you are the real odds, so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into when you place a bet. Obviously you can search through several online bookmakers until you find the best odds, and then choose that one to place your wager.

Sofarscore statistics

When it comes to statistics, SofaScore doesn’t leave you hanging in the dark. It is like a constantly updated encyclopedia. You’ll get info on how the teams have played against each other in the past. You’ll get statistics on how a team has fared against other teams. You’ll have stats on how both teams have performed in different weather conditions. Honestly, we tried to think of a stat that would be hard to find at SofaScore, and yet we haven’t found it anyway.

For info on any game, just click on “SofaScore ratings” and all the stats just pop up for you to scroll through. For info on a given player, simply go to the game where there will be a list of everyone playing. Click on the player and you’ll get all their stats. Everything from how they’ve been playing lately, how they did the last time they faced this team, how they have fared against other teams, even how their workouts have been lately. It is all available right there at your fingertips.

The sheer amount of information available at SofaScore is amazing. If there is a statistic they don’t have, we would be shocked. If there were odds on an event happening, we were able to find it. SofaScore really has it all when it comes to sports reporting on statistics.


Customization is not something left behind by SofaScore. You simply have to sign up for an account. That’s easy because it simply asks you for a username and password. In less than a minute you are ready to customize the site to work the way you want it to work.

Any changes in the set-up you make will be saved so when you come back to the site you don’t have to do it all over again. You can also sign in in a couple seconds through your Facebook account. This is how all gambling sites should be set up.

One thing that you should be aware of if you are travelling – unless you tell SofaScore not to, it will notice where you are and change the language to match. So for example, if you are English and travelling through Europe, this is obviously not ideal. But you can just go to the little cog on the upper right hand side of the page and select your language. Once you have done that it will stay in that language forever.

You have two ways to personalize your experience with the site. The first is the most basic, but might be handy if like many gamblers, numbers and stats are your thing. Click on the “Favorites” tab and you have a blank slate to set up exactly what you want to follow. Just add in the team, the league, the player or the statistic and you will get notified whenever there are changes.

Sofarscore customization

Or if you aren’t into setting that stuff up manually you can have the site do it for you automatically. In this case just surf through the site. When you find a game, player, league or match you want to follow, simply click “Follow” and it will give you constant updates on information about them.

You can also set up how you see the odds displayed for you. You can set them to decimal, fractional or the American system of displaying odds.

The amount of customization available on SofaScore is astounding. And it’s just as good if you use the SofaScore app. They don’t hold anything back from their app. It’s all the same rock solid information.

In addition, when you are on SofaScore, there are no ads at all. That’s right. We are not sure exactly how they are making money but it isn’t from generating ad revenue. In a world where nearly all live sports score sites are hitting you with ads and pop ups, SofaScore isn’t doing that.

That’s amazing and they should be given all the credit in the world for being one of the only ad free sites out there.

We’ve tried to think of anything that we don’t like about SofaScore and honestly can’t find anything.

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