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ScoresPro is not a gambling site, and that is just the way many gamblers like it. That’s because it provides up to the moment scores for a wide variety of professional games and matches. There are a total of 14 sports that they highlight at ScoresPro including football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, handball, cricket, ice hockey, American football, baseball, rugby union, rugby league and Aussie rules football. ScoresPro occasionally tracks other sports as well. Simply click on the “more” tab to see if a game you want to check on is listed.


  • Number of sports 14
  • Live Text
  • Goal Scorers
  • Favourite league/team
  • Line-ups
  • Match Highlights
  • Goal Videos
  • League Table
  • Head to head (h2h), Last 5
  • Players Statistics
  • Odds
  • Personal Account
  • Pop-ups
  • Notifications
  • Ads


When it comes to tennis ScoresPro really shines and gives you updates on everything that’s happening. ScoresPro basketball coverage is also top notch. And ScoresPro volleyball — not a sport that is generally covered by sites like this – is also very good.

Scorespro markets

It should come as no surprise, then, that ScoresPro ice hockey coverage is also top of the line. And ScoresPro soccer coverage — as football is known in America – is also great. In fact, we think that ScoresProv soccer coverage is some of the best out there.

What makes ScoresPro really great is that their site is not covered with ads. You have one ad on the left hand side of the screen and that is easy enough to ignore. Some other sites have a ton of ads that get in the way of simply getting the scores you want to get.

We think that most people will use ScoresPro if for some reason the gambling site they use doesn’t have live updates on games. It could also be useful to use ScoresPro if you are travelling and in a country that won’t load up your gambling app. ScoresPro is smart because by not having gambling available on their site, they are able to post everywhere.

Scorespro soccer

It is a very sleek looking site with a lot of sports information at your fingertips. While we’d like to see ScoresPro cover more minor sports with more consistency, they do seem to have most of the obscure games that people are looking for. ScoresPro does a good job, however, at what it’s trying to do — give you up to the moment scores on all kinds of sports matches.

At the bottom of the screen it breaks down all 14 sports they do cover into their various leagues, with hyperlinks to everything. This makes it easy for someone to find exactly the thing they want to track. It’s a clever trick we’d like to see other sport scores recording sites use. ScoresPro delivers the scores you most likely want in a very efficient way.

Live Scores at ScoresPro

ScoresPro simply provides scores for games that are ongoing. They don’t have any streaming services set up. This means that they cannot provide goal videos or match highlights. They don’t have any information about line ups for the games.

Obviously, you can’t watch the games directly on ScoresPro. Instead, they will constantly update the scores and the penalties as they happen. This is done very effectively and there is hardly any lag time.

Some games do have a section where users of ScoresPro can comment on the matches as they happen. This live text option does make the site a bit more social than most. You can be in a room with people who are interested in the same match that you are and have a conversation about it, even if that room is virtual.

On the other hand, if you are looking for video you’ll probably want to try another site. That said, you can’t always have the best connection or the right bandwidth to livestream games. Or, maybe you are in a place where it would be rude to play a video out loud, or be too focused on your device. At that point you just want the scores as they happen. ScoresPro is good for when bandwidth is limited and you just need the scores at a glance.

If you want to watch a livestream match or see highlights from games, there are other sites that have it. ScoresPro isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel. They are just a site that is trying to update you on scores and at that they succeed.


ScoresPro does not let you down when it comes to providing statistics. While they don’t have everything we’d like, what they have is good enough for any level of bettor out there. That said because, they are not a gambling site and claim not to support gambling, they don’t offer any odds. If odds are what you are looking for, you’ll have to go somewhere else.

But team statistics you’ve got in spades here. Click on any team and you’ll get every statistic you could possibly want. The same goes for leagues. Just click on them and you’ll be able to learn the statistics you need in order to make the best bet possible.

Where ScoresPro lets you down is providing statistics for players. They don’t have any at all. They seem very focused on teams and leagues and forget that people want to know as much as possible about the players. And although it takes some finagling, it is possible to see head to head score histories for certain match ups. However, there are no other details about those matches.

Scorespro statistics

But over all, if you are just looking for league or team statistics ScoresPro will have what you want. If you want to go beyond that, you can look at a different site.

ScoresPro delivers about what you could expect from a simple statistical perspective.

While we’d love to see them include odds we have a sense of why they do not. Sites that are not gambling sites that include odds generally only have the middle range of odds. When you go to an actual gambling site they may end up being lower or higher than the odds the site showed you.

So ScoresPro may figure that providing odds that you can’t really find in the real world is not a good thing. We are generally impressed by the statistics that ScoresPro does put up on their site.

It’s pretty much what you need — particularly if you don’t have a lot of bandwidth.

ScoresPro Customization

Customization is something ScoresPro does surprisingly well. We say surprisingly because they do not have any place where you can sign up as a member. Most sites set up this way simply don’t allow you to customize the site at all.

But ScoresPro uses cookies to keep track of who you are. Therefore, when you personalize the site and come back later, it will have kept all your customization options. Of course, this won’t work if you’ve deleted your cookies or don’t allow your computer to accept cookies at all.

  • First off, you can choose either a light or dark background for your experience at ScoresPro.
  • Then you have the option of inputting your time zone. This isn’t a major thing but it’s nice to have.
  • Then you can go to the leagues you like and select them as your favorites and they will always show up first. You can do the same thing for teams. This means that you will always see the leagues and teams you like most come up first. No more scrolling through dozens of match ups.
  • And you can choose from a wide variety of sorting options. In general ScoresPro really makes an effort to offer a comprehensive site that can be personalized any way you want it to be.

Scorespro customization

So we have to give ScoresPro a lot of credit for the way they allow their site to be personalized. And they don’t have a ton of ads which is another thing in their favor.

The customization is far better than the vast majority of sites we’ve seen. And since it happens automatically through cookies you don’t have to do anything to take advantage of it. Simply look at games and leagues they way you want to look at them and when you come back it will be set up exactly the same way.

That’s a very good thing and something we’d like to see similar sites make use of.

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