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ScoresInLive is not a betting site. It is not associated with any betting sites. ScoresInLive is simply a destination where you can look at constant updates on sports scores. As such, it is a good addition to have in conjunction with a sports style betting site. It also works well if you’ve placed your bet in a country that allows gambling, but you are travelling to a country where you cannot access your sports betting site.


  • Number of sports 12
  • Live Text
  • Goal Scorers
  • Favourite league/team
  • Line-ups
  • Match Highlights
  • Goal Videos
  • League Table
  • Head to head (h2h), Last 5
  • Players Statistics
  • Odds
  • Personal Account
  • Pop-ups
  • Notifications
  • Ads


Scoresinlive marketsThey are all sorted by sporting types. To access the sports scores, you have to go to the left-hand side of the screen on the ScoresInLive homepage. The homepage itself does not have any information on it. In fact, we think it looks very much like a website from 2001 and not 2019. But ScoresInLive does work quite well as a site on which you can check out up to date information on sports. You’ll simply have to deal with the old school layout.

ScoresInLive features 12 sports in total including football, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, American football, baseball, horse racing, rugby union, rugby league, golf, UK greyhound racing, and Formula 1 motorsport.

There are a lot of ads on ScoresInLive. In fact, they seem to pop up on every page in multiple spots. Overall you could probably find a site that would be much more modern with less intrusive ads. But again, ScoresInLive does give you the results you need. You don’t have to be the slickest site out there to give people excellent information in a timely manner. ScoresInLive is more like a constantly updated spreadsheet than it is a modern website.

Live Scores

ScoresInLive is all about bringing you the up-to-the-minute scores you are looking for. It does not have any streaming associated with it at all.

That means no goal videos. No match highlights. No ability to watch any games. It’s just not that kind of site.

ScoresInLive will also not provide you with any line ups. Instead, what you get is the scores as they happen.

All you need to do is mouse over a given match. Then it will give you a pop-up, and that will tell you the handicap of the match and at what time the score was updated. You will also see updates about red and yellow cards, and these will also be time stamped. To make sure a sport is actually happening, look for the spinning ball on the right-hand side of each match.

In general, ScoresInLive updates with the latest scores and fouls in a matter of seconds. They are very good at this. So you can keep up with the game and not worry that you are falling behind. As long as your internet connection is solid, you’ll get instant updates.

Over time using ScoresInLive, you will get used to ignoring the ads. At first, however, they can be a very annoying distraction. Luckily, they don’t seem to direct you to sketchy sites. It’s just those old school general ads we remember seeing years ago. So they are legitimate ads on ScoresInLive – they are just very annoying.

Statistics at ScoresInLive

Although ScoresInLive is not a gambling site, it does offer you constantly updated odds. There are two ways in which it does this.

The first way is by clicking on any hyperlinked game, which will take you to another website called

Scoresinlive basketball

This is an equally old school site that also works really well. It has a ton of different odds for each game. These odds are not going to be the same as on your gambling site, though, they are the averages of all odds that have been posted on all the online bookmakers. So the odds you have from your gambling site may be a little bit better or a little bit worse than what you get from ScoresInLive. What ScoresInLive is giving you is a sense of what the odds should be. This will give you a sense of whether or not the gambling site you are using is ripping you off or not.

The second way they give you odds is by clicking on the little blue box on the right side of any game.

This also takes you to, which gives you all the in-depth odds you could ever want. It will tell you, for example, what the odds are of a given team or given player getting the next goal. Again, these are the average odds for all gambling sites. So the site you are using might be giving you slightly better or slightly worse odds, or may not be offering those odds at all. But they are a good baseline to use if you are trying to figure out roughly what you could win from a given bet. Then once you decide to make that bet, you can search for a gambling site to give you those odds. 

Scoresinlive basketball

If all of this sounds old school, it’s because it is. But there are some people who like being able to simply look at a spreadsheet and get a sense of what the scores are and what the odds should be. They don’t want whistles, horns and bells. They don’t want flashy modern doodahs.

You won’t be able to find any head to head odds or league statistics. The odds that you are finding are the odds that you can place a bet with on a given day. If you are looking for information beyond that, you will probably want to check out another site.

And we do have to mention again that ads are everywhere on this site. That’s clearly how they monetize the site, so you sort of have to put up with them.

Overall, ScoresInLive does provide you with the basic information you need. But it comes at a cost. First, you don’t get any live streaming. And you don’t get to look at any historical odds. It just provides you with the current betting odds. If you want more than that, you are going to have to do your own research. Of course, there are people who will be happy with this straightforward information and get used to ignoring the ads.

ScoresInLive Customization

You can’t set up your own personal account at ScoresInLive. Instead, you have to go to the site fresh every time. This limits the amount you can personalize the site. But each time, you can tell it not to update you on certain games. You do this by hitting the “X” button next to a game, and it disappears.

Scoresinlive statistics

You can set it up each time as well so that you get a pop up on a game you are interested in whenever the score increases or some other action is taken. That’s easy to set up at ScoresInLive. That said, if you leave the site and come back, you’ll have to set this up again from scratch. It’s a very odd system, but we feel that ScoresInLive has not been updated to a more modern format in years.

There is no way to pay a fee to get rid of the ads. They are always there. So you have to either get used to them or find a site other than ScoresInLive if you want to be able to find live scores without any ads getting in your way.

You can’t select any favourite team or league. You simply have to click on the game you want updates for. It’s a very weird way to run a site, but clearly there are people who are interested in this type of format.

We sort of feel that ScoresInLive is meant for older gamblers who don’t want to deal with modern sites. If ScoresInLive is what you are used to, it will probably be fine. If, however, you want a site with more modern features, you can probably go elsewhere.

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