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Livescorehunter is not a gambling site. You can’t place any wagers on it at all. Instead, it is a site where you can find live sports scores. In some cases, you can watch live games directly on LiveScoreHunter.
Livescorehunter allows you to hunt for the score of games in progress. That means you can use it in conjunction with a regular betting site. LiveScoreHunter streaming is particularly useful if the betting site you use doesn’t have streaming services. There are a total of 22 sports available on LiveScoreHunter.


  • Number of sports 22
  • Live Text
  • Goal Scorers
  • Favourite league/team
  • Line-ups
  • Match Highlights
  • Goal Videos
  • League Table
  • Head to head (h2h), Last 5
  • Players Statistics
  • Odds
  • Personal Account
  • Pop-ups
  • Notifications
  • Ads

LiveScoreHunter Markets

When you go to the LiveScoreHunter football page you will see all the games that are currently being played and you can click on one to find out if there is live streaming or just real-time updates on the score.

Livescorehunter markets

  • Livescorehunter tennis works roughly the same way. Click on tennis and see what matches are currently going on and if you can live-stream them.
  • Hockey is also easy to find on LiveScoreHunter. Just look it up on the site and you’ll be able to find it. And hockey isn’t the only American and Canadian sport you can look up.
  • You can also search for LiveScoreHunter for basketball and baseball.
  • Handball and volleyball – not easy to access elsewhere – also have their place at LiveScoreHunter.
  • The motorsports page is particularly active, with tons of NASCAR and Formula 1 racing on it.

The streaming on LiveScoreHunter tends to be high quality and very fast. They are one of the best sites for you to keep track of sports events while they are happening.

When it comes to American football this is where you can get the highest concentration of live streaming on LiveScoreHunter. They have most of the games ready for you to open up whenever they are live in-play.

General athletics including gymnastics are also available, with live scores and in some cases streaming. Badminton, cricket and cycling each have their own pages as well.

What’s really interesting is their fighting page. It has a ton of links to ultimate fighting and similar sports. It’s one of the best links on the site as most gambling sites don’t update these scores and don’t have live streaming for them.

Of course, rugby has its own section with a ton of information available on it. Whether you like Rugby Union or Rugby League, you’ll find each and every game with constantly updated scores and some of them with live streaming.

Golf is also constantly updated at LiveScoreHunter. Keep up with each and every putt, either with live updates or LiveScoreHunter’s live stream.

Snooker and table tennis are even listed at LiveScoreHunter for those of us who like to bet on more cerebral sporting events.

Livescorehunter football

And of course, you have water sports and winter sports when it’s the right time of year to be watching them. All in all, if you want updates on live sporting events and the chance to see them via live streaming, LiveScoreHunter is the site you want to bookmark on all of your devices.

So bearing in mind that LiveScoreHunter is not a gambling site, it is an interesting and extremely useful site. There is pretty much no sport out there that you can’t find on it. If you don’t have a TV, LiveScoreHunter TV is going to save you. And if you own a TV LiveScoreHunter can help you when you can’t be near it – for example, when you are travelling by train.

All in all, this is an invaluable site for gamblers who need to keep up on what’s happening with a specific game. It is a tool that people use when they need to know what the score is right now.

Our advice is to have a gambling site up and place your bet on it. Then open up LiveScoreHunter so you can follow the match. That gives you double coverage of what you are interested in following.

Live Scores

As LiveScoreHunter is not a gambling site you don’t have much in the way of highlights to watch. Instead, you get constantly updated games and in some cases live streaming of those games. So you are not going to see goal videos or match highlights on it.

Instead, you get the chance to be updated instantly on games. In some cases, this will be in the form of a link with continuously updated text on what’s happening with the game. In other cases, it will be an actual live stream of a game. Either way, LiveScoreHunter is your best place to watch what’s really going on without delays.

Generally, when you go to a link for a game at LiveScoreHunter you are first greeted with the live text updates. Then if there is live streaming for it, there is another tab on that page. Click on it and the live stream for the game will pop up. It’s a very good system designed to keep you as up to date as possible with everything that’s going on with that game.

Updates on the text version of the site are instantaneous. That said, you won’t be able to look up the lineups or anything else like that. You get the game and just the game at LiveScoreHunter. That will disappoint some people. But for serious gamblers who already know the lineups, it won’t be an issue.

That also won’t matter much to people who are just using LiveScoreHunter to watch games they wouldn’t otherwise be able to see. For example, if you are on the go and just want to watch a game on your phone, you could spend hours searching for the game and dealing with ads and pop-ups or you could just go to LiveScoreHunter and have it playing for you in a few seconds. That’s the appeal of LiveScoreHunter. So yeah, if for whatever reason you need the live scores of a game and you need them right now then LiveScoreHunter is going to be your saviour. It has all the scores for all the games you could possibly want all on one website. It’s what gamblers fall back on when their regular betting site does not have constant updates.

Statistics at LiveScoreHunter

Livescorehunter statistics

When it comes to looking for statistics LiveScoreHunter is not where you want to go. As we mentioned before it’s not a gambling site. Therefore it has no interest at all in keeping you up to date with statistics.

Instead, it is a site that gives up to the second reporting and in some cases live streaming for games.

So you don’t get any league statistics. You don’t get any head to head statistics. You don’t get any player statistics.

Most importantly they won’t post any odds for games. When you are deciding it’s time for you to bet on a game you need to go to other sites and not LiveScoreHunter.

  • Go to several different betting sites.
  • Compare their odds.
  • Take a look at the reputation of the site.
  • Then decide which one has the best odds and the best reputation and place your bet.

Livescorehunter is not here to help you with that process at all. Instead, it exists to provide you with games. They will either be in a live text format or they will be streaming. For all the statistics you need to make a good bet you’ll have to go elsewhere. Livescorehunter is simply a place where you can keep yourself current on a game that is happening somewhere live.


Livescorehunter customization

You really don’t have any customization options when it comes to LiveScoreHunter. You can’t sign up as a member of the site so there is no way for LiveScoreHunter to keep track of you. Therefore it is up to you to use the site and find the game you want. Livescorehunter also doesn’t have an app for their site. If you want to look them up while you are on the go you’ll have to enter LiveScoreHunter into your browser.

There are no pop-ups or ads associated with LiveScoreHunter at all. Instead, you get a nice clean site without any of those distractions. You may, of course, get ads in your live stream. That’s because the live streams are not hosted by LiveScorehunter directly but are rather links built into the site. Livescorehunter is not responsible for the way third party links on their site may work out. It goes without saying that the site will not remember your favourite sport or league.

That said it is so easy to navigate through LiveScoreHunter that it shouldn’t be a problem. You simply go to the LiveScoreHunter homepage and click on the sport you are interested in. Then click on the game. Then choose between text updates and live streaming. It’s really that simple to operate the LiveScoreHunter site.

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