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LiveScore only offers coverage of five sports. Those are soccer, hockey, basketball, tennis, and cricket. There is an option on the menu for “Euro,” but that is for the Euro league specifically.

As with many sites that offer score updates, this is not a gambling site. These guys simply provide up to date scores on the five sports they cover. Other sites have a lot more sports, and we are unsure why LiveScore limits themselves to just these five, even though they are the most popular. That said, they may be offering information to serious bettors on those five sports.


  • Number of sports 5
  • Live Text
  • Goal Scorers
  • Favourite league/team
  • Line-ups
  • Match Highlights
  • Goal Videos
  • League Table
  • Head to head (h2h), Last 5
  • Players Statistics
  • Odds
  • Personal Account
  • Pop-ups
  • Notifications
  • Ads


Livescore markets

  • The soccer live scores powered by are certainly excellent. In fact, we have found that the coverage of all five sports they cover is excellent.
  • Basketball is probably what surprised us the most. Not only do they have the live scores for the NBA, they also have U.S.A. college basketball scores (NCAA) and the WNBA. That goes beyond what most live score sites do for basketball.

You can find the game you want either through the upper menu, which displays them by sport, or on the menu on the left hand side that lists games by country. If you know what country your team is from, click on that country and you’ll be able to view a list where you can choose the game you want to follow.

All of this is extremely easy to do, and we can’t fault it. They may limit themselves to five sports, but they do it well. You do have a bunch of ads that fill up the page. We were able to get used to them and just go directly to the game we wanted to watch. If you are easily distracted by ads, you can find another site that doesn’t have them, or use an ad blocker.

Their live coverage of the five sports they cover is top rate. It is updated lightning fast and we always were able to find the exact information we were looking for. That said, there are sites that will give you so many other sports, even ones we’ve never heard of.

Livescore statistics

However, it must be said that if you only really care about one of the five sports they offer, the LiveScore will be fine for you. Live Score’s soccer live scores are particularly excellent. You can also look up the scores from yesterday’s matches at LiveScore.

All in all, we find this to be a fairly limited site that does a stellar job covering the five sports that they have chosen as their focus.

Live Scores

When you come to LiveScore, you are only going to get constantly updated scores on the five sports they follow. That’s it.

No live streaming. No goal videos. No match highlights. No data about goal scorers.

You click on a match you get the line ups, the name of the referee, and the venue. It all comes up in a pop up window. Everything is listed, but there are no links to any stats. So, what you end up with is a decent site to use if you don’t have access to much bandwidth. It’s a very light site, so you can receive updates on scores even if you only have one bar of internet access.

That will be enough for some people. For us, we prefer the sites that at least have game highlights and goal videos. While it’s true that those take up more bandwidth, we’d much prefer a system like that on LiveScore. But they simply don’t make it available. We wonder if this was a decision to just focus on people with bandwidth issues, or if the site simply doesn’t choose to invest in this kind of technology.

Either way, there are sites that have all of these options so you can choose them over LiveScore, which is very low on the list in terms of sites that offer constantly updated live scores.

Statistics at LiveScore

LiveScore is an incredibly stripped down site. Probably too stripped down. We already mentioned that they only cover five sports. Now we get to statistics – and there simply aren’t any available.

No league statistics. No head to head statistics. No players’ statistics. There is a whole lot of information that bettors like to have, but it’s simply not offered here. You do receive constantly updated scores on the five sports they cover. And that’s it.

That makes it really hard to justify having to navigate around all of the ads on the site. We’ve reviewed other sites that have just as many ads, but also supply a whole universe of statistics and betting odds. LiveScore just doesn’t do that.

What’s also odd is that at other sites, at least the ads are for gambling sites, so you could conceivably get your information and then go to one of the promoted sites to place your wager. This is not the case at LiveScore. When we went there, we got ads for booking flights, and also for a recipe site. We honestly don’t understand this advertising algorithm.

The scores for the five sports they cover do come up very quickly. But that’s the case with other sites as well that offer a lot more information. We get that you sometimes just need an update on a sports score, but to provide that information without any context at all just strikes us as less than ideal.

Livescore news

Our one thought is that this is a site for people who live in areas where bandwidth is very low or very expensive. We know that in Australia, for example, you have to pay through the nose for bandwidth. This site might do well there.

But for people who live in Europe or the UK, where bandwidth is cheap and easily accessible, we see no reason to use this site in particular. While we can understand being on vacation and not wanting to pay a fortune in roaming fees, in which case this would be a handy site to bookmark, you could still go to any number of other sites and have access to a lot more information for the same amount of bandwidth.

We strongly encourage LiveScore to improve their site with information. Adding statistics for the games they cover would do a lot for everyone.

LiveScore Customization

LiveScore does not give you the option to register an account. This should not be surprising given the limited options for sports to watch or statistics you can get your hands on.

That said, the site claims that it uses cookies to personalize, which means that ostensibly it will save your previous experience when you come back to the site. This assumes you allow your computer to accept cookies – something not everyone does.

As you are browsing math ups, go through and click on the star icon next to each one. Then whenever you are on the site, you can click on “My Matches” and these games will be there, basically giving you a personalized dashboard. Supposedly your matches will still be selected when you come back.

Livescore customization

That’s not really a lot of customization. Nearly any other site will give you more options. And about half the live score sites allow you to set up an account so you can save your preferences to access from new browsers and multiple devices.

If you do any browser cleaning, all your cookies will be wiped out and you’ll have to input your preferences again. This does not strike us as being particularly user-friendly, but it does work for some people.

That said, LiveScore mobile is somewhat better. The LiveScore app is available for both iOS and Android enabled devices. After you download the app, you can go and select what matches you want to watch. The LiveScore apps will then remember your preferences forever. That’s a good thing. So obviously, you are better off dealing with LiveScore on your phone rather than your laptop or desktop computer.

Our opinion

Overall we have to say that LiveScore just doesn’t seem to have what it takes to compete in the up to the minute online score industry. When you only have five teams to cover, you might as well have some video and some statistics as well, and really own that niche.

It goes without saying that the ads will get in your way until you learn to ignore them. Or you can use ad-blocking software to get rid of them. That will leave you with an even more stripped down site that will take up less bandwidth.

At the end of the day we can imagine using this site if we only needed scores and only wanted to follow one of the five sports that they provide. This is enough for some people.

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