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FlashScore has at least 34 sports that it monitors at any given time. Sometimes there are special events like the Olympics that cause them to provide information on more than 34 sports. Simply go to the top menu bar to see scores for football, tennis, hockey, rugby union, baseball, cricket and golf. Then for other sports, hit the “More” button.

FlashScore is not a gambling site. They simply provide live updated scores on all of their sports. They do take advertisements from gambling sites so it’s fairly easy to look at the various ads on the page, find a gambling site you like and click over to it.


  • Number of sports 34
  • Live Text
  • Goal Scorers
  • Favourite league/team
  • Line-ups
  • Match Highlights
  • Goal Videos
  • League Table
  • Head to head (h2h), Last 5
  • Players Statistics
  • Odds
  • Personal Account
  • Pop-ups
  • Notifications
  • Ads

FlashScore Markets

FlashScore football scores cover over 1,000 leagues, including cup tournaments and all the current standings. These include Premier League, Bundesliga, and UEFA Champions League. FlashScore snooker has constant updates, and FlashScore darts is updated instantly as well.

You can easily view league tables, plus who scored goals, video highlights, red and yellow cards, and more for any match. They really have everything you could possibly want at FlashScore, right at your fingertips.

Some of the sports they cover are very unusual. For example, you have bandy – a sport played on ice where skaters use sticks to try to score goals. There are 11 players per team trying to push a small ball around. It’s kind of like ice hockey, but fans would say it is very different.

Flashscore markets

Beach soccer, also known as beasal, is a football variant played on the sand. Not having a hard surface changes many factors of the game and makes it much more focused on trying to score goals and less on passing the ball back and forth. It also means that the pitch is much smaller, so you can realistically kick a goal from the far side. It’s only been around since 1992, but has become very popular.

Esports are something that not a lot of sites promote for updated scores, but FlashScore does. Otherwise known as electronic sports, esports focuses on the results of video game competitions. There are huge money prizes for whomever can win. People live stream esports competitions as well, and now you can follow them on FlashScore.

Kabaddi is an Indian sport where the players have to hold their breath and chant the word Kabaddi while running around a circular sand court. Two teams take turns raiding the other half of the field while chanting. It’s a wild sport to behold. And the results are constantly updated on FlashScore.

Pesapallo is also covered by FlashScore. This is a Finnish variation of baseball that is fascinating to watch.

Futsal is a variation of football popular in Portugal. The pitch is much smaller than a regular football pitch and the game is played indoors. Having the smaller pitch really changes the strategies for trying to win.

This is just a small sampling of the wide variety of sports available at FlashScore. Snooker is extremely popular as most sports tracking sites don’t follow it. FlashScore darts are popular for the same reason.

You can find the sport you want to follow by looking at the country list in the left sidebar. Pick a country the team you want to follow is from. You will then be brought to a list of all teams from that country. Search the list and find your team. Given the number of sports carried by FlashScore, you are likely to find any team you really like.

Flashscore Basketball

One thing that is slightly off putting about FlashScore is that they do have a ton of ads you have to navigate through. Every page has at least seven ads pop up on it, and some pages have even more. If you are likely to be distracted by ads, then FlashScore may not be for you.

We found that over time, we were able to get used to the ads and ignore them. And sometimes they pointed us to a cool new gambling site we had never heard of. So FlashScore’s ads didn’t bother us.

But they might be a distraction for some people. If you are someone who hates ads, then FlashScore may not be for you. Of course, if you like an obscure sport FlashScore may be the only site to cover it. In that case you’ll have to get used to the ads, or else install an ad blocker to get rid of them. When we did this we saw none of the ads.

We found the ads to be worth it to put up with in exchange for the wealth of information found on FlashScore. Also, because FlashScore is not a gambling site, we figure they have to make money one way or another.

Because they are not a gambling site their site can be displayed anywhere. So, if you place a bet in the UK but then fly to France on the day of the game you can go to FlashScore to check up to the minute results while your gambling site might be blocked. This is enough for us to think the ads are an acceptable part of the site.

Live Scores

FlashScore does live updates very well. Within less than seconds of someone scoring a goal or getting a flag, the information is up on the site. You can set it up so that you get a pop up when something happens on a game you are following. They don’t have live streaming, so your score and flag updates are done in live text mode.

That said, they do have a ton of videos available minutes after something happens in a game. You can get goal videos. You can see videos of goal scorers. You can watch match highlights. Pretty much every crucial part of a game is available on video after it happens.

When you combine the live score updates with the videos they then upload, you pretty much have everything you could want from a sports score updating site. And live text is great for when you want to follow a game without sound.

The highlights stay up for several days so if you want to go back and check out a goal from an earlier game that is entirely possible.

They also provide line ups for every game. This allows you to see who will be playing that day. If you are using the site in conjunction with a gambling site that can be crucial information.

Of course, the game highlights are not available for every game. Some of the more obscure sports simply don’t have any footage that is available for them. But for football, rugby union and rugby league you should have all your game highlights covered very well.

We feel that FlashScore is doing a very good job of offering the most coverage possible for their users. Everything is easy to find and watch. If you have low bandwidth you can just stick to the text updates. If you have a lot of bandwidth you can watch the videos.

That’s a good balance of coverage. Of course, we’d love it if they live streamed the games, but that may be too much of an investment for FlashScore to make. Instead they give you a close approximation with all of the highlights you could possibly expect.

Statistics at FlashScore

Statistics are where FlashScore really shines. They have everything you could possibly want to know. The wealth of available information is honestly incredible.

You can click on a league and see all of the statistics you could possibly want. You’ll have the history of the league as well as how various teams have performed in the past and how they are expected to perform in the future.

Then you can click on a team and see all the statistics about the team itself. You can find out how that team has fared against any other team in the past. You can see if they are trending up or trending down. You can look at their past five matches. You can see all of the possible statistics that might affect their next game.

Flashscore Livescore

Then when you click on a game, you’ll get a list of all the players in the game. Here too you can click into the players and find out all of their statistics. You’ll learn how they played against a given team in the past. You’ll find out if they have any recent injuries. You’ll see how they played against other teams. You’ll find out pretty much everything you could want to know about the player. And you can do that for every single person playing in the game. It’s just a tsunami of information about leagues, teams and players that really isn’t found anywhere else.

Then there are the odds. While not a gambling site per se, they have all of the odds for every sport you could possibly want to wager on. Note that these are not the odds you’d get from a specific gambling site. They are the average odds of what all the gambling sites have to offer.

So, if you go to one of the gambling sites they promote, you may see better or worse odds. FlashScore provides you with the middle ground of the odds.

But they sure do provide you with odds for anything and everything you could possibly bet on. Obviously, they have the odds for who will win the match. But they also have odds for who will score next, who will get a flag next, what player will get the next tackle. Pretty much everything you can think of to bet on they will provide you with the average odds for.

That’s a real advantage for a serious gambler. And you can use those odds to find a betting site with the odds slightly more in your favor and then place your bet. Because their odds are neutral, they are honest. Remember, bookmakers set the odds to their own advantage.

FlashScore gives you what the real odds of an event happening are. Armed with that knowledge you can then make a very reasonable bet.

Overall the amount of statistics and odds offered by FlashScore is really amazing. If you look hard enough, you’ll find literally everything you could possibly want from FlashScore. They are a very powerful resource that we advise all people to try and use.

Quite honestly, they are the best live score updating site we’ve seen. The only downside is the ads, but we found we could get used to them over time. And you can always install an ad blocker and get rid of them.


When you go to FlashScore you are given the option to open up your own account. We highly recommend doing this. For one thing, it’s free. For another, it allows you to adjust your settings and have them still in place when you get back. That will save you a lot of time down the road, and give you your own personalized dashboard.

Once you have registered you can select your favorite teams and favorite leagues. If there are some games in a league you don’t want to follow, then you can eliminate them from your list. You can also add one team from another league and follow them.

Just go to the league or team page and click on the star next to them. If you click on a star for an entire league it will automatically star all of the teams in that league. For a team you don’t want to follow you can simply un-star them.

Once you have done that, you are given a choice. Do you want pop up notifications when that team or league makes a score or a foul? Or do you want a sound notification when they score? Or do you want both? Make your selections and it will be recorded in your preferences.
Flashscore Customization

One thing that won’t happen when you register is you won’t get rid of your ads. The ads are everywhere. For some people this won’t be a problem. We know that the Internet is paid for by ads. And over time you can learn to ignore them.

That said we do wish they had an option where we could pay to turn the ads off. Other sites have that, and we would gladly pay for an ad-free version. But that is not to be at FlashScore. Of course, an ad blocker will get rid of them right away – which really begs the question of why FlashScore doesn’t seek out a revenue enhancing way of getting rid of the ads.

FlashScore has built apps for iOS and Android enabled devices. They are both free to download. And the customization of the site with your log in is really amazing. You can even set it to send you notifications when you are not on the site or the app. So, they are offering a great service and the ads seem to be the price you pay for that service.

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